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Awards for Faith Today work from 2023

24 April 2024

Join us in congratulating writers whose work has been judged excellent.

Awards are starting to come in for work done by the Faith Today team last year. These awards come from contests we enter each year, which involve independent judges giving us advice and kudos about our work so that we keep serving our readers better.

The first set of awards include two second-place awards and a fifth place in this year’s Evangelical Press Association awards, the second year we entered this international competition. Awards were announced in Kentucky April 22-23.

  • 2nd place, long article: Karissa Sovdi for “A Theology of Singleness That Isn't Looking for Its Cure.” The judge says, "Outstanding essay that reframes singleness with a provocative question: What if God has more for me than marriage? The funny opener does a great job of pulling in the reader. And the promise of the headline is fulfilled: You really do get a theology of singleness, but it's accessible, relatable, compelling, courageous, convicting, and often humorous. Every church leader, married or otherwise, should read this, and it will help guide singles toward asking the right questions in their Christian walk. This is a great read--with substance. It speaks to the needs of a marginalized, growing population in the church."
  • 2nd, infographic: Janice Van Eck for “By the Numbers: Who are Canada's Non-Permanent Residents?” The judge says, "Nice work. This design makes a much more interesting and engaging sidebar and helps emphasize the high-level stats. Good scale, alignment and use of color."
  • 5th, devotional: Darryl Dash for “Three Gentle Spiritual Resolutions for a New Year: Growth That Allows Rest, Not Just Hustle.” The judge says, "This is a well-written encouragement to grow in an abiding life with God through 'simple, gentle habits': time in the Bible, talking to God in prayer, and doing so with others. The writing is as simple and uncomplicated as the habits, yet it is enhanced with personal stories and inspirational quotes. Perhaps the author would consider including some Scripture beyond passing references to John 15 and Psalm 1. Yet this is a breath of fresh air in terms of offering helpful resolutions for spiritual growth."

Faith Today Magazine issues from 2023Congratulations to all the winners across the North American Christian publishing sector.

UPDATE MAY 3, 2024: The Canadian Christian Communicators Association Awards announced several wins and placements for Faith Today in its latest annual contest. Both a video of the announcements and a PDF listing are now available. Faith Today won ten first-place awards among the 40 handed out this year by the CCCA.

Faith Today also placed second in eight categories and third in one category at the CCCA awards announced May 3, 2024.

MORE TO COME? We'll update this blog post later this year if there is more good news to report after The Word Awards announces anything about our work.