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Longing for joy with author Alastair Sterne

This is our tenth full-length podcast video (30 minutes long). It debuted June 7, 2024. Let us know what you think.

Are you predisposed to grumpiness? Does joy feel like an elusive dream? B.C.-based author Alastair Sterne leads us through a contemplation of joy that is theological and practical.

As it turns out, gratitude journals work! So does thoughtfully pursuing moments of joy in our daily lives and paying attention. Sterne has a book releasing in October 2024 called Longing for Joy: An Invitation into the Goodness and Beauty of Life, but today you get a sneak peak at some of what joy that book might bring. 

Sterne also wrote our magazine's May/Jun cover essay, available in French and English at FaithToday.ca/The-kiss-of-joy.

Follow Alastair Sterne's work at ordinarymatters.org

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