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09 February, 2024 Church In Community Episode 105 - Monthly community events on the church lawn in Burlington, Ont.
Faith Today TV Monthly community events on the church lawn in Burlington North Burlington Baptist Church in Ontario has found a creative way to love to their neighbours by holding monthly outdoor events with games, live music, outdoor movies, food trucks and local vendors on select Friday evenings. 10:15
27 April, 2022
Webinar Meet the author of Posting Peace Watch a recording of our April 27 discussion on what we can do about the divisiveness of social media. With author Douglas Bursch. 1:11:46
05 February, 2024
Faith Today TV Author-publisher Jeff Crosby on the longing of our soul Publishing exec Jeff Crosby is author of "The Language of the Soul: Meeting God in the Longings of our Heart." Sit back for this conversation with host Karen Stiller about spiritual reading and books. Our 3rd full-length podcast video. 40:11
03 March, 2022
Webinar Four new EFC resources for churches The EFC recently launched four new resources to help churches engage with politicians, host conversations on racism, participate in Indigenous reconciliation, and welcome newcomers to Canada. Watch this recording to find out more. 49:18
27 February, 2024
Podcast Responding to abuse allegations in seminaries and churches

Abuse allegations just keep coming in churches, seminaries and ministry organizations. How can we respond well and build a culture where these things are less likely to occur? Our guest Lydia Fawcett points the way.

14 December, 2023
Faith Today TV Faith Today 40th anniversary - Party like it's 1983 What it was like four decades ago, when Canada's Christian magazine was founded? It was an era of 8-bit videogames and Canada's adoption of a new Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Celebrate with us like it's 1983! 0:41
26 January, 2022
Webinar Meet the author of Refuge Reimagined Watch our discussion with Vancouver Bible scholar Mark Glanville, co-author of a book on compassion for displaced people, from Jan. 26. You can also watch the Facebook Live version of this event. 1:04:06
26 January, 2024
Podcast Single in the Church? We have a podcast episode for you

Karissa Sovdi and Barry Danylak join our host Karen Stiller on this episode to talk about what singles can offer to the traditional family model, and how our spiritual families are so much healthier when everyone is seen, heard and valued.

27 November, 2023
Faith Today TV Finding light in the darkness with Philip Yancey Our second full-length podcast video. Have you heard our conversation with author Philip Yancey about holding onto God and others in our hardest moments? Sit back and watch this conversation with host Karen Stiller. 49:11
18 November, 2021
Webinar Meet author and expert on congregational flourishing Joel Thiessen What does it look like for a congregation to flourish? Hear from sociologist Joel Thiessen of Ambrose University, co-author of the book Signs of Life: Catholic, Mainline, and Conservative Protestant Congregations in Canada (Tyndale Academic, 2021). He discusses 11 categories of possible flourishing in a congregation. 1:01:58
15 January, 2024
Podcast What true inclusion looks like Janet Noel-Annable, CEO of Karis Disability Services, speaks to host Ilana Reimer about what it means for churches to truly welcome and include people who live with disabilities, and how we all grow stronger when everyone feels at home and valued.


05 October, 2021
Webinar Faith deconstruction webinar with Peter Schuurman Many Christians who use the term deconstruction today are either shifting from one tradition to another or leaving Christianity entirely, writes Peter Schuurman at Here's the video of our Oct. 5 webinar with editors Karen Stiller and Bill Fledderus. 1:03:30
07 November, 2023 Church In Community Episode 4 - Uniting neighbours with community popup barbecues
Faith Today TV Uniting neighbours with community popup barbecues Emmanuel Congregational Christian Church in Middleton, N.S., has found a creative way to show love to their neighbours. 7:05
15 December, 2023
Podcast The longing of our soul...and our longing for books

Jeff Crosby joins our host Karen Stiller to speak about some of the issues facing Christian publishing today and his newly released book.

30 October, 2023
Faith Today TV Christians can take small steps in creation care Our first full-length podcast video. Have you heard our conversation with Anthony Siegrist, the Ontario director of A Rocha, a Christian environmental network? Sit back and watch this chat with host Bill Fledderus. 27:05
08 June, 2021
Webinar Living well after the pandemic What have we learned from this challenging, weird, difficult pandemic experience as individuals and as the Church? Our expert panel -- Carolyn Arends, April Yamasaki, Ken Shigematsu and Danielle Strickland -- share their insights and experiences in spiritual health and wellness and how we can live even slightly tweaked lives based on our Covid-19 experiences. 60:36