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27 February, 2023
Tolérance et dialogue

Préparer la table pour des conversations sur la vie et la foi

27 February, 2023
Hommage aux petites églises

Une nouvelle étude met en lumière les dons uniques de la culture des petites églises

27 February, 2023
L’interview de de Faith Today avec David Guretzki

Qui est David Guretzki, le nouveau président-directeur général de l'Alliance évangélique du Canada ? Il s'est entretenu avec Faith Today sur le rôle de l'AEC dans la communauté chrétienne du Canada et sur ses espoirs ...

27 February, 2023
Easter poems 2023

Poems by contemporary Canadian poets. Continuing an annual tradition at Faith Today.

27 February, 2023
No Greater Love, by The Color

An extended review of a 2021 music recording by The Color

27 February, 2023
The Undertaking of Billy Buffone

An extended review of a 2021 novel by David Guiliano

27 February, 2023
Voices Long Silenced: Women Biblical Interpreters through the Centuries

An extended review of a 2022 book by Marion Ann Taylor and Joy A. Schroeder

22 February, 2023
A Christian response at one year of war in Ukraine

February 24, 2023 marks one year since Russia’s expanded invasion of Ukraine. Canadians Phil Wagler and Vern Neufeld Redekop reflect. (Words on photo read: "Stop war.")

20 February, 2023
Browse the Jan/Feb 2023 issue

Jan/Feb 2023 features: healthy workplaces; understanding God's provision; healthy sexuality; immigrant gifts; interview w/ Lesli van Milligen; three gentle resolutions for the new year; new money for seminaries

10 February, 2023
Israel’s Sabbath year and what it can teach us about rest

Resting isn’t just about the individual doing the resting, reflects Faith Today staff Rachel Baarda after a trip to Israel sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism

10 February, 2023
The Gathering: Journeying Toward Pastoral Health

The Gathering (Regent College, Vancouver, June 2–3) is for all church leaders, both pastors and laity, from a variety of denominational traditions, who desire to nourish missional churches.

09 February, 2023
Do you know what is happening in Armenia?

Craig Simonian of the Peace and Reconciliation Network helps explain the current suffering of Armenians in Artsakh.

03 February, 2023
Parking lot disaster showed God at work

How could this happen days before the big anniversary service? Dale Renout shares an amazing true story from 2006 involving the late Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion.

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