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20 December, 2020
2020 Nov/Dec Table of Contents

Cover articles for this issue reflect on Christmas hope during a pandemic. Which selected articles will be posted online, and when? Check here to find out.

17 December, 2020
Family health in the pandemic

Christian sociologist Todd Martin reflects on resilience during Covid-19

16 December, 2020
A motto for Christians in the pandemic

“Take it seriously, take it easy, take it to the Lord.”

14 December, 2020
The suffering of Christmas

Rethinking the warm fuzzies of the manger scene

13 December, 2020
A reconciling Christmas inspired by "those days"

The shepherds are examples of how we too must respond to the Incarnation and the declaration of the Messiah's prophetic arrival

10 December, 2020
Finding life after a Covid layoff

As a temporary layoff shifts to a permanent one, will making the right choices restore some balance and make me feel safe?

07 December, 2020
Hope is a decision

Christmas rejoicing in a weary world

07 December, 2020
Settling the newcomers

North Park Community Church in London, Ont., welcomes refugees and settles newcomers to life in Canada as a regular part of its ministry.

04 December, 2020
A simple word of gratitude

Just before American Thanksgiving The New York Times asked its readers to tell what they were thankful for. Ten thousand people responded.

02 December, 2020
Five reviews from Nov/Dec 2020

Art by Dan Steeves; Rationality, Humility & Spirituality (D.Hiebert); Fruitful ... in Failure (G.Taylor); Thrive in a Post-Christian World (P.Williams); The Home for Unwanted Girls (J.Goodman); Relentless (Folarin & K...

02 December, 2020
Network helping churches feed their neighbours well

Vancouver's Planted Network evaluates churches' current meal programs, helps them improve and trains volunteers for new programs.

Welcome the Stranger refugee booklet