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Being Evangelical in Quebec

In a province unlike any other – at a time in Canada’s history when everything is up for grabs – Evangelicals are carving out their personal and communal identities.

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How Canadian Christians Are Caring for the Dying

Whenever I hear the phrase “death with dignity” – and I’ve been hearing it a lot lately as our country has debated euthanasia and assisted suicide – I think of my father’s dying.

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Forgiveness for Murder Saves Dozens

An Abbotsford man unleashed a wave of change by forgiving his sister’s murderer.

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Coming to a Screen Near You: Noah and Son of God

Christian film critics reflect on upcoming mainstream movies about Noah and Jesus.

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How to Welcome People With Disabilities Into Church

Expert advice on thinking, speaking and acting to improve the welcome at your congregation.

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Leaving Home

A painful and marvel-filled journey from one church to another.



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Interviews That Serve You

Asking the right questions of the right people on your behalf.


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Canadian Woman Reaches Roma Children

After attending MissionFest Toronto in 1998, 18-year-old Jennifer Iacob from Uxbridge, Ont., set out for a one-month mission trip to Romania to help abandoned infants and children in hospitals and orphanages.

 Alpha Youth Film Series

In just 90 short days, Alpha's new Youth Film Series reached over 20,000 teens across Canada - a number quickly multiplying, according to the organization.

Pastors (and Chicken Manure) Star in Unlikely Documentary

A new documentary offers a compelling look at Abbotsford, B.C.'s homeless population and challenges Christians to be more involved in lives of the homeless.

Photography Exhibit Offers Hope of a Second Chance to Parolees

A new photography exhibit offers a glimpse inside the lives of several Canadian parolees as they adjust to life after prison.


By Bruce J. Clemenger

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Where's the Threat?

Religious symbols don't compromise the secular nature of Canada.


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Prostitution Law Reform

The EFC delivered its proposal for reform to Canada's prostitution laws to the prime minister and ministers of justice and public safety in December.

Loyola Intervention at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada has approved the EFC's application to participate in the Loyola High School v. Attorney General of Quebec case as an intervener.

Euthanasia Case Appealed

Last October the EFC welcomed the Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) decision by the British Columbia Court of Appeal affirming Canada's prohibition against euthanasia.

EFC Vice-President in Israel

EFC vice-president Don Hutchinson was in Israel in January....

Outgoing Letters

The EFC sent an open letter to Members of the National Assembly of Quebec on Bill 52, An Act Respecting End-of-Life Care, in February.

Meet the EFC Staff

An interview with the EFC's Quebec director, Pierre Bergeron. 


Chats with EFC Affiliate Leaders

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Meet A Rocha Canada Cofounder Leah Kostamo

Leah Kostamo is cofounder and storyteller of A Rocha Canada, an organization that engages in scientific research, environmental education and conservation projects, inspired by God's love.


From the EFC's Centre for Faith and Public Life

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Religion, Culture and Education in Canada

 Legislating a particular educational philosophy is a mistake. The professional practices of graduates should speak for themselves.


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The Little-Known World of Girl Evangelists

Girl evangelists are a suprising part of Canada's Church history.


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Developing My Influence for Christ

Can we be more evangelical in the workplace?


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When Women Start Saying No

 What women need to stop doing in the church...and quickly.


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Why Men Avoid Doctor Visits

Are colorectal concerns at the bottom of your list? Is men's health not a community issue?


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Clarity on Hinduism

The longings expressed in the Hindu religion can truly be satisfied in Christ.  


Book & Music Reviews

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Holy is the Day: Living in the Gift of the Present

Author: Carolyn Weber

What on Earth Do We Know About Heaven? 20 Questions and Answers About Life After Death

Author: Randall Rauser

Jesus on Justice: Living Lives of Compassion and Conviction

Author: Don Posterski

The Uncomfortable Church: Can Gays Be Reconciled to the Body of Christ?

Author: Lawrence Brice

Love & the Outcome

Artist: Love & the Outcome

Till the Sunrise

Artist:  Matt Brouwer


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More of the Same?

Can we truly flourish without innovation?