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In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Why Small Groups Matter

Most Canadians who read their Bibles several times a week also regularly meet with others to discuss it, according to the Canadian Bible Engagement Study. Here’s why small groups matter and a look inside how many groups work.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

When Small Groups Take on a Life of Their Own

In 2004, John Pritchard had a midlife crisis of sorts. A pastor with 27 years’ experience under his belt, he could feel a growing discontent with church as we do it in North America and was “seriously rethinking church.” He resigned his position and took his family off to South Africa, in search of a different vision.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

The Walking Wounded

How our soldiers struggle with war trauma and what the Church can do.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Evangelicals and the Pope

Evangelicals and Catholics have sometimes had an uneasy relationship. Does a popular new pope change all that?

In The Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Communion Made Beautiful

In churches across Canada, making the elements of communion is an act of love and ministry.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

The Faith Today Interview: Iwan Russell-Jones

What's good and bad in Christian art? Iwan Russell-Jones holds the Eugene and Jan Peterson chair in theology and the arts at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. He's also an award-winning filmmaker, theologian and writer.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Building Bridges

I was sweating the first time I set eyes on Reg Petersen, retired businessman, philanthropist, former nursing home mogul and founder of Bridgeway Foundation, the sought-after prom date of every Canadian Christian organization trying to make ends meet.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Only One Per Cent?

Have you heard this statistic? “Less than 1% of Quebecers are Christian.” Is it believable?



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Tools for Thinking

Ready? Set? Engage your summer brain and go!


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Good News

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Military Christian Fellowship Provides Ministry Opportunity

A loose affiliation of Christians through the Military Christian Fellowship of Canada (MCF) continues to provide community and an opportunity for churches to connect with soldiers.

Science Conference Bridges the Gap

An upcoming conference organized by the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (CSCA), American iScientific Association, and Christians in Science will attempt to demonstrate the compatibility between science and religion.

Canadian Christian Charities Prepare for Anti-spam Legislation

On July 1 one of the broadest anti-spam laws in the world will come into effect in Canada. While its primary targets are businesses that seek to exploit online communication for ill-gotten gains, Canadian charitable organizations also face challenges when it comes to complying with the new legislation.

Christian Groups Jazz It Up in Montreal

Montreal is one of Canada’s most culturally vibrant cities, and this summer its renowned International Jazz Festival serves as the backdrop for a joint venture between Youth With a Mission’s University of the Nations (YWAM), Wycliffe Bible Translators and Christian Direction. Arts, Faith and the City is a five-week seminar, running until July 21, focused on the intersection of art, culture and the Christian worldview. Co-ordinator Noémie Jean-Bourgeault says it “will give students essential tools to understand the history and the roots of the culture they live in.”

Bible for Missions Thrift Stores Celebrate Anniversary and Fruitful Ministry

Casey Langbroek didn’t think Bible for Missions (BFM) thrift stores (www.bfmthriftstores.ca) would survive five years. “I thought, ‘This is kind of a fleeting thing.’” But the executive director of Bible League Canada (BLC) – and a founder of the BFM thrift store movement – was proven wrong. Happily.

New Association Equips Church and Scholars in Quebec

A new academic association in Quebec is bringing Evangelicals together to serve the local church. Association Axiome (www.associationaxiome.ca) is the brainchild of David Haines, a PhD student in philosophy at Laval University.

Hemorrhaging Faith Continues Impact at Briercrest

Engage 2014, a conference hosted in March by Briercrest College and Seminary in Caronport, Sask., continued to examine the conclusions of Hemorrhaging Faith: Why and When Canadian Young Adults are Leaving, Staying and Returning to Church, the 2012 study commissioned by the EFC Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable. Dubbed a Christ-centred, intergeneration-al, experiential conference retreat, Engage 2014 welcomed participants from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, who were asked to attend in pairs – one a millennial, or younger than 34 years old, and the other older, or 34 plus.


By Bruce J. Clemenger

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The Gathering Place: Forgiveness and Healing

The RCMP funeral in Moncton was a profound experience we can all learn from.

The city was sombre. From airport staff to restaurant waiters, everyone was pleasant and friendly, but also subdued. Moncton was preparing to host thousands of police officers, gathered to mourn the loss of three fallen RCMP officers. The violence had rocked the city, and many were experiencing the trauma of the shootings in otherwise quiet and safe streets.


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Prostitution Law Unveiled
Quebec Legalizes Euthanasia
Major Study on Bible Engagement Released
EFC Denominational Leaders Meet
Bruce and Tracy Clemenger Address Adoption on TV
Meet the EFC Board: Bill Fietje


Chats with EFC Affiliate Pastors

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Q&A With James Kim of Pioneers Canada

James Kim is executive director of Pioneers Canada, a church-planting mission organization engaged with people who have the least access to the gospel around the world (www.pioneers.ca).


From the EFC's Centre for Faith and Public Life

» More Activate: Change Your World
New Prostitution Laws

What should we make of the government’s proposals in Bill C-36?

In June the Federal Government proposed new prostitution laws for Canada. The laws were tabled in response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in the Bedford case, which found three prostitution laws in the Criminal Code to be unconstitutional.


What Our Cities Need

What Canada needs – and in particular what our cities need – is a church planting movement. Our biggest cities are being continually populated by new Canadians who have, at some time in their lives, felt a strong call to plant a church. Now they have made their way to Canada and found a home, and the great question is, How will we partner with them to see their call and vision realized?


» More Business Matters
Four Keys to Success

Tips for executives at mission-focused businesses.

Book publishers today will tell you business is tough. My American publisher recently emailed me to say their business was bankrupt. They couldn’t pay outstanding royalties from 2013, but would ship my inventory - at my expense - to any destination I chose. My first Canadian publisher trod a similar path five years earlier. Today I’m working with another publisher who could be headed in the same direction.


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Good Things Are Growing in Spruce Grove

An Alliance church in Alberta focuses on “growing up, growing together and growing out” while following the Holy Spirit.

While Spruce Grove Alliance Church does plan and organize ministries, its leaders have also found that growth comes mainly by following the Holy Spirit.


» More Global Village
Hope for Somalia

Somalia in the Canadian media appears most often as the playground of pirates, profiteers, warlords, criminals and terrorists. Human Rights Watch’s 2014 report on Somalia contains a long list of violations that include beheadings, foreign aid siphoning and sexual violence against women. Open profession of any religion other than Islam leads to expulsion or execution.


» More Messy Faith
What’s the Real Divorce Rate?

The oft-cited sky-high divorce rate among Christians has been seriously debunked.


» More Blessed is the Man
Going Down Hard

The need and the danger of presenting a callous face to the world.

The young man was walking nonchalantly, just another expressionless face in the pedestrian bustle downtown. He was wearing a clean white jacket. His hands were thrust deep in his pockets as he sauntered into the large bus shelter where I was sitting.


» More Religion Watch
Case Will Shake Scientology

Leader of popular religious group could face grilling in court.

There are only two in all of Canada. One opened in Quebec City in 2010, the other in Cambridge, Ont., in 2013. These so-called Ideal Orgs – refurbished, state-of-the-art church buildings – are rising across the globe. Both Canadian facilities were opened by David Miscavige, the controversial head of Scientology.


Book & Music Reviews

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Helping in the Name of Christ: MCC Canada

To Russia with love and back again. The rich history of the Mennonite Central Committee in Canada.

In 1920, two Mennonite women from Milverton and Markham in Southern Ontario wrote letters to the Mennonite Central Committee, a brand-new organization based in Pennsylvania. They were concerned about the suffering of fellow Mennonites in Russia and wanted to send clothing, quilts and money. Mennonite communities in Russia had been hit hard by the First World War, the Bolshevik Revolution and the ensuing tyranny of the Soviet government. Canadian Mennonites wanted to help.


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Only Good Is Good Enough

Why “rights” don’t matter and only “right” does.

Christians in Canada face severe – and increasing – resistance for maintaining various traditional views and practices. But it should not surprise us that such pressures exist and will continue. For it has ever been so.