In the May/Jun 2015 Issue

My Faith Story? Sure, and what’s Yours?

Rethinking how we share our faith in a changing world

In the May/Jun 2015 Issue

Hope and Healing for First Nations and the Canadian Church

Faith Today visited with aboriginal leaders recently to hear their heart for their communities

In the May/Jun 2015 Issue

How to Talk to your Child’s Educators

Ontario’s controversial sex ed curriculum alarmed parents. What’s the best way to bring Christ into the classroom and interact with educators?

In the May/Jun 2015 issue

Why Christian Classics Matter

With thousands of new Christian books published each year, why read the old ones?

In the May/Jun 2015 Issue

The Thousand Lives of Hudson Taylor

Canadian anniversary events organized by OMF celebrate the missionary the world does not forget

In the May/Jun 2015 Issue

Friendly Fire

For all their wonderful work, Christian organizations can be tough on their employees. Here’s how we can all do better

In the May/Jun 2015 Issue

Pro-Life and on Campus

It is not easy to be a pro-life voice on Canadian university campuses. Faith Today asked why these fearless students keep doing what they do.

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In the May/Jun 2015 Issue

The FT Interview with Margaret Somerville

Margaret Somerville is a founding director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law. She is a prolific – and outspoken – speaker and writer on issues of ethics in today’s Canada.