In the Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

Teach Us to Want: An Invitation to Holy Desire

I had a thousand reasons for mistrusting my own desires, many rooted in my prodigal story. For despite having parents who faithfully took me to church on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, even Wednesday nights for all-church dinners and prayer meetings, I led a wild early adolescence so terribly cliché as to be uninteresting.

In the Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

Embracing Advent

Why a charismatic Christian embraced the liturgical church calendar

I was a Christian for nearly 20 years before I heard the word "Advent."

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In the Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

The FT Interview with Larry Worthen

Larry Worthen of the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada explains why we need to fight for the conscience rights of Canadian doctors who have religious objections to physician-assisted suicide.

In the Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

Creating a Redemptive Reality for the Sexual Minorities in our Care

Gender fluidity is confusing and challenging to churches. How should we respond?

In the Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

Canada Will Soon Legalize Marijuana: Is There a Christian Response?

When Cathy (not her real name) received a call from a member of her church that her Grade 9 son had been spotted smoking marijuana outside his high school on a regular basis, she set the phone down in shock.

In the Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

Women’s Christian Temperance Union Soldiers on

Despite the WCTU's reduced membership, its message of self-restraint is as relevant as ever

In the Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

To See and Love Vancouver the Way God Does

A multidenominational consultation is examining how God is at work across 23 neighbourhoods