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06 July, 2023
Spring painting by Hoda Nicholas. New books roundup

"Every day I come across moments that intrigue me, and I feel the need to capture them on canvas and share them with everyone else."

04 July, 2023
Only Ever Always, by Love & The Outcome

An extended review of this full-length 2022 music recording

04 July, 2023
Into the Wild, by Dan Bremnes

An extended review of this full-length 2022 music recording

04 July, 2023
Philosopher Calvin Seerveld on art and Bible translation

Three questions for philosopher and Institute for Christian Studies professor emeritus Calvin Seerveld

04 May, 2023
Winnipeg scholars on the Believers Church Bible Commentary

Scholars Gordon Matties and Dan Epp-Thiessen on their new commentaries

03 May, 2023
Women Talking: A Novel

An extended Reading the Bestsellers review of the 2019 novel by Miriam Toews that was recently made into a movie.

03 May, 2023
Tentmakers: Multivocational Ministry in Western Society

An extended review of a 2022 book edited by James W. Watson and Narry F. Santos

03 May, 2023
Serenity by Critical Mass

An extended review of a 2021 album, the seventh album by Ontario band Critical Mass.

01 May, 2023
Small press roundup. Artwork by Noémie Pons

"My paintings are an invitation to pause and consider the invisible, the intangible and the mysterious, to reflect on the sacred space within each one of us."

01 March, 2023
Writer Grace Fox on confidence and courage

Three questions for writer and International Messengers Canada codirector Grace Fox

01 March, 2023
Small press roundup. Artwork by Megan Little.

Small press roundup. Art by Megan Little. Books on a theological framework for justice-minded Salvationists; stories of charismatic renewal; life of John Newton and story behind Amazing Grace; turnaround memoir by ret...