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27 April, 2022
Time to refocus

Columnist David Guretzki reflects on setting our priority amid pain and distraction.

17 November, 2021
Questioning what’s next

Are we too obsessed with anticipating the next big thing?

07 October, 2021
Not everything has a purpose

Not everything has a purpose. How God works for the good of His people.

20 July, 2021
Gaps in my resume

And why I’m not going to explain them. By guest writer Lindsay Callaway

14 September, 2020
Fundamentalisms and the Word of God

Knowing God and ourselves under the authority of Scripture

20 July, 2020
Mixed emotions

Our season of happy hurt and painful joy

25 May, 2020
Viral church

Spreading love, good words and deeds in Jesus’ name

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