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13 March, 2023
Start your journey of prayer for Muslims in your community this Ramadan

Reasons for, and resources to enable, praying for Muslims during their month of fasting.

28 February, 2023
Freedom from worldly shoulds

Edmonton podcaster, coach and author Juli Wenger reflects on wrong definitions of success and how following Christ brings freedom.

28 February, 2023
Focused or fractured?

Edmonton author and coach Juli Wenger reflects on finding Christian purpose amid our busy lives and culture.

10 February, 2023
Israel’s Sabbath year and what it can teach us about rest

Resting isn’t just about the individual doing the resting, reflects Faith Today staff Rachel Baarda after a trip to Israel sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism

10 February, 2023
The Gathering: Journeying Toward Pastoral Health

The Gathering (Regent College, Vancouver, June 2–3) is for all church leaders, both pastors and laity, from a variety of denominational traditions, who desire to nourish missional churches.

03 February, 2023
Parking lot disaster showed God at work

How could this happen days before the big anniversary service? Dale Renout shares an amazing true story from 2006 involving the late Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion.

23 January, 2023
Handling a disturbance during public worship

Churches want to be welcoming, safe places, but what happens when someone enters who disturbs worship, or could prove violent?

18 January, 2023
Who is my Samaritan?

Pastor Troy Watson reflects on why "Who are my Samaritans?" is just as important a question as "Who is my neighbour?"

16 January, 2023
Early cancer death of prosperity gospel preacher Leon Fontaine raises questions for his followers

In November 2022, Leon Fontaine died. Fontaine, pastor of Springs Church—the largest church in Canada, with locations in Winnipeg and Calgary—was a well-known prosperity gospel preacher, telling people they could live...

09 January, 2023
Pope Benedict XVI: A Reflection

Tim Perry looks across a "tragic divide now over five centuries old" and sees the Spirit of God at work in the life of the former pope who died last week.

22 December, 2022
Christian books from B.C. authors - a 2022 overview has once again published a list of local books from the past year. Always worth checking out.

20 December, 2022
Three days in Galilee

Faith Today circulation coordinator Rachel Baarda recounts her visit to Galilee as part of a tour for Christian journalists sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

05 December, 2022
Walk about Zion: What the Jerusalem ramparts walk taught me about the Eternal City

Faith Today circulation coordinator Rachel Baarda recounts her visit to Jerusalem as part of a tour for Christian journalists sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

25 November, 2022
Audio consolations of Covid

How I’ve been blessed by online talks by theologians during the pandemic, by Ottawa writer Robert MacKenzie

07 October, 2022
Mental illness: How we can help instill self-esteem

"With the prevalence of stigma, people with mental health issues need all the help they can get to raise their self-esteem and become confident members of the community," says writer Marja Bergen.

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Encouragement Conference Presbyterian College