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03 May, 2023
Serenity by Critical Mass

An extended review of a 2021 album, the seventh album by Ontario band Critical Mass.

01 May, 2023
Small press roundup. Artwork by Noémie Pons

"My paintings are an invitation to pause and consider the invisible, the intangible and the mysterious, to reflect on the sacred space within each one of us."

01 March, 2023
Writer Grace Fox on confidence and courage

Three questions for writer and International Messengers Canada codirector Grace Fox

01 March, 2023
Small press roundup. Artwork by Megan Little.

Small press roundup. Art by Megan Little. Books on a theological framework for justice-minded Salvationists; stories of charismatic renewal; life of John Newton and story behind Amazing Grace; turnaround memoir by ret...

27 February, 2023
No Greater Love, by The Color

An extended review of a 2021 music recording by The Color

27 February, 2023
The Undertaking of Billy Buffone

An extended review of a 2021 novel by David Guiliano

27 February, 2023
Voices Long Silenced: Women Biblical Interpreters through the Centuries

An extended review of a 2022 book by Marion Ann Taylor and Joy A. Schroeder

31 December, 2022
Small press roundup. Artwork by Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek.

Small press roundup. Art by Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek. Books on dealing with a spouse's addiction struggle; drawing on Gospel of Mark for how to establish an effective leadership culture in an organization; defence o...

26 December, 2022
Author and blogger N. J. Lindquist on mystery and cider

Three questions for award-winning author and blogger N.J. Lindquist

23 December, 2022
Bluebird - A Novel by Genevieve Graham

An extended review of a 2022 novel by Genevieve Graham

23 December, 2022
Let The Light In: Healing from Distorted Images of God

An extended online review of a 2021 book by Colin McCartney

22 December, 2022
Come Awake, Different Now

An extended review of two music recordings (from 2021 and 2022) by Jon Buller