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01 March, 2024
Making Up the Gods

An extended review of a 2023 novel by Marion Agnew

28 February, 2024
Painting by Kathy Hubley. New media roundup

Pentecostal Prophets: Experience in Old Testament Perspective; Mental Health: God's Way: A Guide to Healing; Happily Whenever After: A Hilarious, No-hold-barred Take on How to Thrive as a Single Woman; Grassroots Ecum...

28 February, 2024
Author D. S. Martin on poetic writing

Poetry editor and poet D.S. Martin on the value of poetry to Christians and his Kingdom Poets blog

09 January, 2024
Renaissance: A Novel

An extended review of a 2023 novel by Susan Fish

09 January, 2024
After Dispensationalism: Reading the Bible for the End of the World

An extended review of a 2023 book by Brian P. Irwin with Tim Perry

09 January, 2024
Emma’s Call: A Woman of Faith

An extended review of a 2022 novel by Donna Mann

09 January, 2024
Crying in H Mart: A Memoir

An extended Reading the Bestsellers review of a 2021 memoir by Michelle Zauner

05 January, 2024
Author David Kitz on connecting people with God’s Word

Writer, ordained pastor, Bible dramatist and retired pastor David Kitz on connecting people with the living Word of God.

05 January, 2024
Painting by Sarah Karpa. New media roundup

Flame of Love: A Theology of the Holy Spirit; Pandemic, Public Health, and the People of God; The Book of Answers: A Rev. Thomas Book Mystery; Invisible: God's Loving Pursuit of His Unseen Daughters; and more

02 November, 2023
Artwork by Monique Sliedrecht; New Media Roundup

Live Your Assignment; What Was Jesus Thinking; Preparing to Cross the Finish Line; Beyond Homelessness; and more

30 October, 2023
The Arts and the Christian Life

An extended review of this 2022 book by Earl Davey

30 October, 2023
Christianity: An Asian Religion in Vancouver

An extended review of this 2023 book by Jason Byassee, Albert Y. S. Chu and Ross A. Lockhart