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07 December, 2020
Hope is a decision

Christmas rejoicing in a weary world

09 November, 2020
Strengthening the muscle of hope

How are we participating in God’s story? Vancouver writer Julie Lane-Gay reflects.

09 November, 2020
Sixties Scoop survivor stories

Manitoba writer Dorene Meyer reflects on what she’s been learning from her mother’s work as a foster parent of Indigenous children in the 1960s

09 November, 2020
Crise des soins prodigués à la création

Une experte en climatologie nous montre comment nous pouvons tous y répondre

09 November, 2020
Comment rendre votre église plus verte

Citizens for Public Justice nous aide à parcourir nos églises pour les rendre plus respectueuses de l'environnement

09 November, 2020
Crisis in creation care

A leading climate scientist shows us how we can all respond

15 September, 2020
De bas en haut

Sur le racisme et le tonnerre de la réconciliation

15 September, 2020
From the ground up

On racism and reconciliation thunder

14 September, 2020
Une place à la table

Quand tu te sens seul à la grande table du ministère

14 September, 2020
Désir d’appartenir

Comment les chrétiens vivent-ils notre accueil et notre inclusion des minorités?

13 September, 2020
Appointment with God

Walking with my father through the temptation of euthanasia

09 July, 2020
Ministries pivot in the pandemic

How Christian charities are adapting their outreach

06 July, 2020
Widening our welcome

Renée James looks at how God gives life through our hospitality.

MEDA There is a solution to poverty - Business
MEDA There is a solution to poverty - Business