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02 September, 2023
Writings after the apostles

Early Christianity offers some written treasures outside the Bible worth reading, says McMaster patristics prof. James Payton.

25 April, 2023
Blessed enemies

During wartime, how do we relate to fellow Christians who stand on the other side of the divide?

01 March, 2023
Churches and the conscription crisis, 1917–1918

The Protestant press counterculturally defended French Catholics

26 August, 2022
How sweet the sound

Musician and professor Melissa Davis reflects on what one song can do, using the example of "Amazing Grace."

07 July, 2022
Canadian Christians and colonialism

Looking for surprises in the history of Christianity among Indigenous Peoples

27 April, 2022
Roman mandates and Christianity

Choosing how to follow the state is not a new question for Christians

28 February, 2022
What made Gregory great?

How to follow Christ at the end of a civilization

05 January, 2022
A recipe for hospitality

Church cookbooks tell stories of culture, resilience and ingenuity, writes Edmonton historian Caroline Lieffers

17 November, 2021
Fire on the rock

Methodist revival in 1800s Newfoundland

21 October, 2021
Thousands of missing lives

The disturbing history of residential schools in Canada

26 July, 2021
Richard Brothers

A Canadian prophet? By guest writer Baiyu Andrew Song.

17 May, 2021
Evangelical higher education in a secular age

How Canada adapted and innovated for evangelical education

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