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10 June, 2019
How much do you know about Sikhism?

This religion from South Asia is increasingly common in Canada.

04 April, 2019
The end will come

But what does the Bible really teach about it?

31 January, 2019
Witchcraft then and now

Christians can ask God for compassion and discernment

06 December, 2018
Dashed predictions

Ten years of unpredictable changes in the Unification Church

10 October, 2018
Evangelical support for Donald Trump

The latest commentary on American religion and the president

21 February, 2018
An update on the creation debate

Diverse Christians unite in challenging atheistic evolution

28 September, 2017
Is this Korean church a cult?

Investigating the World Mission Society Church of God

18 July, 2017
You can’t please everyone

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church has his hands full

31 May, 2017
Such a time as this

An important moment for interfaith discussion in Canada

25 January, 2017
Trump and prophecy

Amazing things have been said about the new U.S. president