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07 December, 2020
Settling the newcomers

North Park Community Church in London, Ont., welcomes refugees and settles newcomers to life in Canada as a regular part of its ministry.

04 December, 2020
A simple word of gratitude

Just before American Thanksgiving The New York Times asked its readers to tell what they were thankful for. Ten thousand people responded.

02 December, 2020
Five reviews from Nov/Dec 2020

Art by Dan Steeves; Rationality, Humility & Spirituality (Hiebert); Fruitful ... in Failure (Taylor); Thrive in a Post-Christian World (Williams); The Home for Unwanted Girls (Goodman); Relentless (Folarin & Keziah)

02 December, 2020
Network helping churches feed their neighbours well

Vancouver's Planted Network evaluates churches' current meal programs, helps them improve and trains volunteers for new programs.

23 November, 2020
Q&A about QAnon

What we need to know about this conspiracy theory

09 November, 2020
Strengthening the muscle of hope

How are we participating in God’s story? Vancouver writer Julie Lane-Gay reflects.

09 November, 2020
Sixties Scoop survivor stories

Manitoba writer Dorene Meyer reflects on what she’s been learning from her mother’s work as a foster parent of Indigenous children in the 1960s

09 November, 2020
Crise des soins prodigués à la création

Une experte en climatologie nous montre comment nous pouvons tous y répondre

09 November, 2020
Comment rendre votre église plus verte

Citizens for Public Justice nous aide à parcourir nos églises pour les rendre plus respectueuses de l'environnement

09 November, 2020
Crisis in creation care

A leading climate scientist shows us how we can all respond

04 November, 2020
Rethinking local church ministry during Covid

What do we make of the challenges in pastoral care and discipleship exposed by the pandemic? Ottawa pastor Doug Ward reflects.

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