2014 Mar - Apr

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30 April, 2014
How to be called a bigot in one easy step

I feel vulnerable every time I research and write something that brushes up against the issue of same-sex union, or anything that might be perceived to be any thing less than tolerant and loving of the LGBT community.

28 April, 2014
The challenge of growth

Church planting these days usually means breaking up some pretty hard Canadian soil. That’s why we thought it would be fascinating to assign writers in three cities to go behind the scenes in very different church pla...

01 March, 2014
Asking the right questions of the right people on your behalf

It was right down to the wire to schedule the interview with Ambassador Andrew Bennett of Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom. He was travelling the week before our interview and committed to a busy schedule after th...

01 March, 2014
Être évangélique au Québec

Dans une province pas comme les autres – alors que, plus que jamais dans l’histoire du Canada, tout est remis en question – les Chrétiens évangéliques se taillent une identité personnelle et communautaire.