2014 May - Jun

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25 June, 2014
Tools for thinking

When the Canadian Bible Engagement Study was released, we brainstormed how we could help Faith Today readers make sense of the data.

18 June, 2014
What we’ll be reading this summer

Faith Today asked a variety of Canadian Christian leaders about what they hope to read over the more relaxed summer season. Read on for the initial responses!

11 June, 2014
Awards remind us what we’ve got

Many Canadians seem to enjoy reading Faith Today, but what’s it really worth? Say you open your mailbox and see two new magazines, Faith Today and something else, is it hard to choose which to read first?

04 June, 2014
Youth ministry should be unapologetically apologetic

The faith journeys of young adults have been a hot topic in Canada over the past two years since the Hemorrhaging Faith research study was released.