Magazines 2014 Sep - Oct Table of Contents - Vol 32 No 5

Table of Contents - Vol 32 No 5

31 October 2014

Living in a nonstop 24/7 world of demands and more demands


The FT interview: One on one with Geoff Tunnicliffe of the World Evangelical Alliance

Too busy to be faithful: Technology impacts our spiritual lives in ways we can't imagine. And it’s our spiritual lives that can save us. By Arthur Boers

When global south scholars call Canada home: Stories of three students who’ve come to Canada to get theologically equipped to serve in their home countries. By Debra Fieguth

I’ve been meaning to tell you this: Confessions of an ex-pastor. By Mark Buchanan

How to read the Bible well: Most of us have a history of broken Bible-reading pledges. How do we engage with Scripture regularly and deeply? By Patricia Paddey

When Christians eat healthy – really healthy: A meat- and potato-loving writer visits a Christian raw food test kitchen to explore a popular eating trend. By Lisa Hall-Wilson

In each issue

Behind The Scenes: What a creative joy it has been to give this magazine a makeover

Talking Points: Letters to the editor, Milestones, New on our blog

Kingdom Matters

  • Faith in the Motocross Pit
  • From Exclusion to Welcome for Those with Disabilities
  • Inspiring Ideas from Canadian Churches
  • Gideons International in Canada Strikes New Path
  • Evangelical Anglican Seminary Reaches Out to Canadian Churches
  • A House Is Not the Only Home for Toronto Dale Ministries
  • Studio Brings Faith to Dance

By The Numbers: Revealing insights related to the recent Canadian Bible Engagement Study

The Gathering Place: Five Decades of Collaboration. By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger

News From The EFC

  • The EFC at prostitution law review
  • Crucial court cases this fall
  • Will Canada stop Quebec euthanasia law?
  • Pray for Iraq
  • Bible use questioned
  • Experts Available

Q&A Chats with EFC Affiliate Leaders: Reaching Across Social Lines: Angela Draskovic, president and CEO of Yonge Street Mission in Toronto

At Issue: Euthanasia: What you need to know on this pressing social issue

History Lesson: God and the classroom: The troubled history of schooling and religion in Canada. By columnist Kevin Flatt

Messy Faith: Why Messy is Good: Out of the mainstream isn't always a bad thing. By columnist Carolyn Arends

Business Matters: Benefitting Society: B Corporations’ certification program fits with Christian values. By guest columnist Bruce Taylor

Global Village: Responding to the Ebola Virus: Canadians can help address the crisis in West Africa. By columnist Craig Pulsifer

Guest Column: Twenty Years of Starting Afresh: The Comunity Christian Fellowship Church of Canada is an association formed to help former clergy transition. By guest columnist Len Goddard

Religion Watch: Miracles? Why not? Why it can make more sense to believe miracles than to be sceptical. By columnist James A. Beverley

Books & Culture: Reviews of Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey; What You Get at Home by Dora Dueck; Fighting Over God by Janet Epp Buckingham; David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. Artwork by Albert Mueller

Christ & Culture in Canada: In Defence of Shame: If we won’t blush, we won’t care. By columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr.