2015 Jan - Feb

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19 January, 2015
Writing about war from a comfortable chair

My recent article on Christians and war for Faith Today was written in the comfort of my climate-controlled office, on my adjustable ergonomic chair, with a warm drink handy.

15 January, 2015
The day I went to church in a strip club

I’d never been to a strip club before. And so I admit that even as I forced myself to put on my fearless journalist’s hat (for the sake of my husband and daughter who accompanied me) my heart was beating just a little...

14 January, 2015
When some moral judgments are allowed. And others are not.

A recent editorial in The Globe and Mail began: “A physician who is predisposed by faith to make negative moral judgments about a patient is a bad doctor.”

12 January, 2015
The abyss of forgetfulness: Learning from Alzheimer’s

Ten years have passed since Anna’s memory loss became apparent. Seven years since receiving the diagnosis of probable Alzheimer’s, thirty-some days since Anna entered the long-term care facility.