2015 Jul - Aug

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16 July, 2015
Is it true? Is it beautiful? Questions to ask about our art

Last year some Christian artist friends urged my husband and me to see a production at a local theatre. The play contained some of the most profanity-laden dialogue we had ever heard. And yet, as the story unfolded, w...

13 July, 2015
When a conversation turns crucial

Have you ever had a conversation that started out innocently — as in, not intended to be a fight — but quickly derailed and became a train wreck? I know I have. And it seems the closer the relationship (spouse, parent...

09 July, 2015
To inspire your summer reading

For avid readers, there is just something about the summer. Some little hint of permission to read thick, juicy paperbacks that smack of vacation time.

06 July, 2015
We all need space to create

Faith Today is inviting you to unplug this summer, even just for a while! Our July/Aug issue features a story by Canadian author Christina Crooks on “The Joy of Missing Out” — a guide to taking a technology break this...