2016 Mar - Apr

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26 April, 2016
Honestly, some of my best friends are American evangelicals

“Are American and Canadian Evangelicals really that different?” caught the attention of my friends.

26 April, 2016
Nepal one year later

Rebuilding after tragedy has not been an easy journey for the country of Nepal.

18 April, 2016
Dear fundraiser… A letter from Christians who give

Rod Wilson wrote our Mar/Apr cover story on the meaning of money. He challenged us to reconsider the role of money in our lives.

06 April, 2016
Praying doesn’t come easily. But it’s happening all around the world

Prayer is tough when taken seriously. Praying doesn’t come easily. I can preach, organize, write, exhort, study, and create fairly easily, but praying is a discipline. For most, prayer is not our first choice—getting ...