2016 May - Jun

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13 June, 2016
Let’s do a better job of helping each other

Canadians are compassionate – we’ve seen that again and again, most recently with the wildfires in Fort McMurray and the refugees resettled from Syria. But what about when an individual suffers and is not good at gett...

08 June, 2016
Are youth still leaving the church? Join us for our webinar on Hemorrhaging Faith

In September, 2012, I wrote the Faith Today cover story on the report that helped us understand youth in relationship to the Church as engagers, fence sitters, wanderers or rejecters.

06 June, 2016
Refugees need time to say goodbye and time to say hello

Recently I came across this quote – it takes a minute to say hello and a life time to say goodbye. How true this is as we say good-bye to my dear uncle.

31 May, 2016
How a correspondence ministry helps inmates know Jesus

After 27 years of working inside as a chaplain, I wondered what it would be like overseeing a correspondence ministry. Would I miss the face to face contact? Would it be the same impact?

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