2017 Jan - Feb

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08 January, 2017
Resources on ministry with seniors

If we can give our readers something extra, we love to! Here is an extended list of recommended books and videos related to “Can Churches Do Better With Our Seniors?” a Jan/Feb feature story by Lisa Hall-Wilson

05 January, 2017
What’s up with Jan/Feb Faith Today?

The Jan/Feb issue of Faith Today didn’t start out to be a church-themed issue, but that is where we ended up. And why should that surprise us?

04 January, 2017
Discrimination and Christian universities

What to do when the academic establishment forbids firing on ethical or doctrinal grounds

02 January, 2017
A new kind of bucket list for a new year

Do you have a bucket list for 2017? Author Ann Voskamp (our Jan/Feb Faith Today Interview) in her latest book The Broken Way: a daring path into the abundant life, suggests we think bigger than that. “What if,” she wr...

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