2017 May - Jun

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15 May, 2017
Gary Chapman on the history of The 5 Love Languages

have always liked wildflowers. There is something exciting about scattering seed and waiting and watching to see what comes up. However, through the years I have sometimes been disappointed when few seeds germinate...

10 May, 2017
Why the parent cafe works so well

Ask most parents what they most need within their busy schedules, and they might say an occasional safe place to talk and share and be supported in what is one of the most difficult jobs in the world: being a good par...

10 May, 2017
Help your kids embrace the faith

Trading in picture-perfect faith for authentic experience with Jesus

09 May, 2017
Our whole society conference brings old and new friends together

I knew that I knew her from somewhere. The woman at the end of my row in a workshop at the “Our Whole Society: Religion and Citizenship at Canada’s 150th” in Ottawa was eerily familiar, but I couldn’t quite place her.