2017 Nov - Dec

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20 November, 2017
A prayer for South Sudan. A prayer for all of us.

As my flight began its decent into Juba, South Sudan, and I once again saw the vast, dry, desolate land below me, my heart ached. “God, help this land,” I prayed. “Intervene in a way only You can. Bring peace and he...

16 November, 2017
The FT Interview with Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck is CEO of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc., home of the popular daytime TV show 100 Huntley Street. She’s also CEO of the YES TV network, and a frequent contributor on faith and public life in The ...

09 November, 2017
Why giving Faith Today for Christmas is such a great idea

Last night I ordered a very unusual and cute thing online for my sister for Christmas. I can’t say any more, Miriam might read this. But it did remind me how convenient it can be to shop online, and how fun it is to g...