Magazines 2019 Jul - Aug New publishing house combines geek culture and Christianity

New publishing house combines geek culture and Christianity

03 July 2019

Mythos and ink providing fresh new voice.

THE FOUNDERS OF a new Winnipeg-based small press took their passion for storytelling and meshed it with the many worlds of geek culture and Christianity. Allison Alexander, an editor and Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fan, along with Kyle Rudge, a marketing specialist and Ender’s Game, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly fan, started Mythos & Ink in December 2018 (

"There’s been a huge confusion from the Church about geek culture," says Alexander, editorial director for the startup publisher. "God resides in stories and imagination, and one of our purposes is to publish thoughtful, fascinating books with strong stories. A second goal is to provide community and space for writers and creatives to learn and grow."

That community includes podcasts and writers’ groups.

The podcast, The Wayfarer’s Guide to Worldbuilding, began in late May. Each episode, with the help of an expert, explores a facet of creating a fictional world – drafting the perfect city map, making a monster or building a religion.

The Mythmakers’ Guild is a Facebook group that helps aspiring sci-fi and fantasy authors learn and improve their craft by encouraging and critiquing each other. An Emerging Writer program provides access to blog posts with writing advice, worldbuilding tips and more.

"There’s lots of excitement that this exists," says Alexander about the reaction so far to Mythos & Ink. "Christians feel that Christian and geek don’t come together" – a myth debunked by their latest book Thy Geekdom Come. Released in May the book includes 42 devotionals delving into the worlds of superheroes, science fiction, anime, fantasy and video games, relating these stories to that of an almighty, loving God who can even be revealed through these franchises.

Mythos & Ink plans to publish two books per year. Currently in development is a Winnipeg author’s graphic novel anthology. Alexander says Mythos & Ink is looking for authors of good science fiction or fantasy to represent. Also planned are devotionals similar to Thy Geekdom Come.

"We explored five different genres in that book and we may do some sequels which will focus on one genre each," says Alexander. –ROBERT WHITE