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Threshold ministries

10 February 2020

Ministry equips Canadian evangelists

THRESHOLD MINISTRIES IS passionate about evangelism in Canada. Focused on training and equipping evangelists, the organization says it has a surplus of opportunities and not enough people to fill them.

Previous to 2009, Threshold was known as the Church Army of Canada. While it has evolved over the years since its founding in 1929, the ministry says it has never wavered from its vision of "releasing evangelists to all corners of the country and encouraging churches to be more missional minded in communicating the gospel."

Today Threshold has more than 60 commissioned evangelists working in active ministry roles in every province and territory of Canada with the exception of Saskatchewan. "Our mission statement is that Threshold exists to help bring people from all walks of life into a relationship with Jesus and His people," says Jonathan Clarke, national director.

Clarke explains Threshold’s work is focused on three areas – evangelism in churches, street ministry through its branded mission Street Hope, and reintegration work with ex-offenders through Corrections Canada. It’s not easy work. "If you’re going to share the gospel with people, you’d better be ready to have the door closed in your face on occasion – so it takes a particular kind of person," Clarke says.

Threshold trains students through its college Threshold School of Ministry based in Saint John, N.B. In 2016 the school switched to a modularbased system that allows students to complete their coursework online for a majority of the term with a mandatory two-week intensive at the college. The school is accredited through St. Stephen’s University and offers a one-year diploma program and a three-year postgraduate program.

The work may be challenging, but the rewards are bountiful, says Clarke. From running afterschool and summer camps, to delivering soup and sandwiches to the homeless, to helping ex-offenders reintegrate into society, Clarke says evangelists from Threshold Ministries are bringing the love of Jesus to those who need it most. –JULIE FITZ-GERALD