Magazines 2020 Jul - Aug 2020 Jul/Aug Table of Contents

2020 Jul/Aug Table of Contents

31 August 2020

Cover essays in this issue reflect on hospitality. Which selected articles are posted here on our website? Check here to find out.

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FT interview: One on one with Neil Cudney, director of organizational and spiritual life and administration with Christian Horizons

Widening our welcome: How God gives us life through our hospitality By Renée James

Room in the circle: How hospitality changed one man, our church and our family. By Karen Hiebert

Enriched by hospitality: Seeing God over decades of welcome hands. By Darlene Pinter

Ministries pivot in the pandemic: How Christian charities are adapting their outreach. By Amy MacLachlan. Online only: More profiles of ministry pivots during Covid-19

Negotiating essentials: Church leaders need to be proactively involved in government pandemic response. By Laena Maunula Otte

Self-reflection for the straight​. How are we doing with the plank in our own eye when it comes to sexuality? By Rod Wilson​

In each issue

Behind the scenes: Sheltered by love. God’s care for us, felt through people. By the editors 

Talking points: Podcast lineup, Recent web posts, Readers write, Webinars, Milestones, Contributors

Cross connections: Mixed emotions. Our season of happy hurt and painful joy. By columnist David Guretzki​ 

News. Notes. Ideas   

  • From big waste to good use: Lionhearts ministry provides service that helps many
  • Retreat centre used for migrant workers' isolation: Repurposing space helps workers and staff
  • Inspiring ideas
  • Quebec church a loving presence in community Le Flambeau Church a friend to those in need 
  • Noteworthy: Newsbits
  • Website provides faith-based tools to address abuse

Church in community: Welcoming the nations through English language classes 

News from the EFC: Racism statement. Pandemic support for charities and church resources. Support for trafficking survivors. Brief on palliative care. Conversion therapy bans.

The gathering place: God our comforter: We cry out! Comforting those who mourn, restoring broken relations. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger 

At issue: COVID-19, help for charities and conversion therapy

Go with God: Listen to the groans. What cries for justice tell us about God's plans for his world. By columnist Carolyn Arends 

History lesson: Who is my neighbour? Anti-Catholic prejudice in Canada. By columnist Kevin Flatt 

Religion watch: Qu'ran history upheaval. New scholarship deflates Islamic claims about the Qur'an. By columnist James A. Beverley 

Global village By columnist David Donaldson  

  • Reconciliation in Kosovo
  • Intolerance in Spain 
  • Persecution in Iran and India 

Books & culture: Reviews. 

  • On the Road with St. Augustine: A Real-World Spirituality for Restless Hearts by James K.A. Smith 
  • Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters by Carmen Joy Imes
  • The Theology of Benedict XVI: A Protestant Appreciation. Edited by Tim Perry
  • Artwork by Fiona Moes Pel
  • Wherever She Goes: A Novel. By K.L. Armstrong 

Christ & culture in Canada: The New Moralism: Tackling a passel of pressing problems. By columnist John G. Stackhouse Jr.