2021 Mar - Apr

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08 March, 2021
L'église est-elle encore importante, même en période de pandémie?

En acceptant nos faiblesses et nos limites, les services religieux sont bien différents de nos jours, mais la soif spirituelle ne faiblit pas, écrit Kevin Makins.

05 March, 2021
Easter Poems 2021

Poems by contemporary Canadian poets. Continuing a new annual tradition at Faith Today.

01 March, 2021
The FT Interview with Dr. Gordon T. Smith

Dr. Gordon T. Smith is president of Ambrose University and Seminary in Calgary, and a professor of systematic and spiritual theology. He spoke with Karen Stiller about how we can best be the Church today.

01 March, 2021
When Covid strikes

Resilient praying and caring communities are essential