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Quebec City Christian school grateful for expansion

25 April 2022 By Ben Westerveld

A Christian school community in Quebec reports on the remarkable success of its expansion plans.


The red ribbon has been cut inaugurating a major addition of facilities to the French-speaking Christian school L’École L’Eau-Vive (Living Water). The new building, including a double gymnasium, science lab and music hall, was constructed during the pandemic on time and underbudget.

One of just four Christian evangelical schools in the province of Quebec, L’École L’Eau-Vive opened as a private school in 2001 with about 70 students. Twenty years later the elementary and high schools were bursting at the seams with 425 students (

The eight new classrooms will be used by 150 high school students. The double gymnasium and music hall will be used by both elementary and secondary students.

The school community witnessed divine intervention numerous times during planning and construction. During the early months of the pandemic, when the markets were unstable, construction bids came in nearly one million dollars below architectural estimates. A year and a half later, with a reinvigorated school construction market, the same project would cost twice as much.

Over the past seven years, more than $1.5 million was raised in donations, as well as $1.2 million in private, low-interest loans. Nearly all these funds were received from people living in Quebec.

The mortgage financing, however, came from outside the province. Public financial institutions declined to examine the L’École L’Eau-Vive loan application because of its confession of faith. The school board applied to Christian Stewardship Services which, after examination of the financial plan, granted a $6.1 million mortgage.

More than four hundred parents and supporters attended the inauguration in April. Principal Caroline Blanchet shared testimonies of God’s response to prayer that even convinced the contractor to make prayer requests for timely material deliveries and for good weather conditions. She also expressed her sincere thanks to many staff members, parents and volunteers for their involvement at all levels of the project.

The architects, engineers, contractors and project managers received a standing ovation for their completion of the new building on time and under budget.EEV pavillion at night

Before visiting the new facilities at the grand opening, the school community heard from three students. Évelyne Leblanc, a Grade 3 student, expressed her desire to graduate and enter the new high school. High school student presidents Yohan Larrivée and Manassé Mikobi thanked the community for their generous support in providing them with a modern facility, particularly the gymnasium, and with the promise of a better sports program.

The two school pavilions can receive more than 500 students. The community's prayer is that each student, by receiving a Christian education where Christ is Lord of all, may become a radiant light shining for the glory of God in all walks of life throughout Quebec City, the province and beyond.

Photos courtesy L'Eau-Vive School. Ribbon cutting shows high school vice-president Yvon Tessier, principal Caroline Blanchet and board president Ben Westerveld Jr.

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