2023 Jan - Feb

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16 January, 2023
Early cancer death of prosperity gospel preacher Leon Fontaine raises questions for his followers

In November 2022, Leon Fontaine died. Fontaine, pastor of Springs Church—the largest church in Canada, with locations in Winnipeg and Calgary—was a well-known prosperity gospel preacher, telling people they could live...

09 January, 2023
Pope Benedict XVI: A Reflection

Tim Perry looks across a "tragic divide now over five centuries old" and sees the Spirit of God at work in the life of the former pope who died last week.

05 January, 2023
A place to flourish

Expert insights on healthy work culture for Christian workplaces

02 January, 2023
The FT Interview with Lesli van Milligen

Lesli van Milligen helped lead a new study coming out this spring by a partnership of 16 Canadian ministries to examine how faith is formed in children and how churches can help (TheEFC.ca/CEFFFS). She continues to se...