2024 Mar - Apr

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02 March, 2024
Disabusing the Church

How can we protect the people we love and our shared institutions? Randal Rauser and Bob Stenhouse share their expertise.

02 March, 2024
Mettre fin aux abus dans l'Église

Comment pouvons-nous protéger les personnes que nous aimons et les institutions que nous partageons? Randal Rauser et Bob Stenhouse partagent leur expertise.

01 March, 2024
Praying for Muslims in our neighborhoods and communities this Ramadan

March 10 marks the beginning of Ramadan this year, when Muslims in Canada and around the world will begin fasting and praying.

01 March, 2024
More poems for Easter 2024

An online supplement of contemporary Canadian poetry, an addition to those published in our Mar/Apr 2024 issue.