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21 December, 2017
Reconciliation resources

Are you looking for ways to work towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians? Here’s the start of a Faith Today list of resources, compiled in conjunction with our special package of reconci...

18 December, 2017
Taking time for the cheeseball

Yesterday I whipped up a cheeseball — for when else do you have a cheeseball but at Christmas? — and we invited our neighbours and a few friends over for an impromptu gathering. We sang Christmas carols, quite badly f...

12 December, 2017
Confessions of a tech addict

Before I had my own iPhone, I judged harshly those pathetic, addicted people who always had their phones on, and on them. Always scrolling, fingers dashing from one app to another, sometimes barely looking up. Ch...

03 December, 2017
Advent is a robust and demanding spiritual season

Advent simply means to come, (Latin: advenire, from ad-‘to’ venire-‘come’) and it is the forty-day liturgical season Christians have traditionally set aside to anticipate the coming of Christ at Christmas, experienced...

29 November, 2017
Today at the Supreme Court of Canada

There is a “Caution! Risk of falling ice and snow” sign outside the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa, even though we’re not quite there yet in terms of pending danger. Any snow that has fallen hasn’t stayed for long,...

27 November, 2017
Maybe the church should make a spectacle of itself more often

We arrived at the appointed place and time. We’d been told there would be someone at the front gate to let us in. Sure enough a man approached the gate from the other side of the high fence and we made our way over t...

20 November, 2017
A prayer for South Sudan. A prayer for all of us.

As my flight began its decent into Juba, South Sudan, and I once again saw the vast, dry, desolate land below me, my heart ached. “God, help this land,” I prayed. “Intervene in a way only You can. Bring peace and he...

09 November, 2017
Why giving Faith Today for Christmas is such a great idea

Last night I ordered a very unusual and cute thing online for my sister for Christmas. I can’t say any more, Miriam might read this. But it did remind me how convenient it can be to shop online, and how fun it is to g...

07 November, 2017
Tips and treasures: Sharing what churches have learned sponsoring refugees

rivately sponsoring refugees is a wonderfully rewarding adventure. It’s a great thing to do. But it is hard. The paperwork is onerous, the fundraising can be a slog, the details are daunting. Then the family arrives a...

05 November, 2017
Read it. Enjoy it. And subscribe to it too!

The Nov/Dec issue of Faith Today is finding its way to you, if you subscribe. And hopefully you do! This issue includes an interview with Christian broadcaster and Crossroads CEO Lorna Dueck who tackles that very issu...

18 October, 2017
It’s “Us Too” For christian women, even in the church

A couple of years ago a friend of mine and I went to the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing. There, we met another Canadian writer, an older Christian man whom I had met before. I introduced him to my fri...

18 October, 2017
Give thanks continually … To the people you work with

When was the last time someone went out of their way to thank you? Do you remember what they did? What they said? How you felt?

11 October, 2017
The awful legacy of Hugh Hefner

Yesterday I was Skyping with Ashley Easter, who is doing great work helping survivors of abuse within the church, and promoting healing. And we were talking about how being married to someone with a porn addiction can...

10 October, 2017
Every hour counts: A call to create beauty and other great things well

Prof. John G. Stackhouse, Jr. delivered the following message in the academic chapel of Crandall University this September. We thought Faith Today readers, who know Stackhouse from his books and our pages, would appre...

02 October, 2017
Be kind to those in your church living with mental illness and mental health challenges

I write as a person with lived experience, as a former pastor who has struggled with dark periods of depression, suicidal ideation and the misuse of alcohol. Mental health problems are generational in the Summerville ...

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