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18 March, 2018
How to do a great church dinner

Over the last several months, I’ve spoken with many people who are doing food ministry a bit differently. Out of those conversations I’ve noticed some common ideas that result in stellar suppers.

28 February, 2018
On food, theology and a fun contest

I was excited today to receive the March/April issue of Faith Today. I had been listening for the thump of the delivery box against my front door for days now, knowing the issue had been coming to life at the printers...

27 February, 2018
Does everybody belong in church?

Chantal Huinink is a motivational speaker, author, and social justice advocate who lives with cerebral palsy. Chantal is completing a double-masters in Divinity and Social Work through Wilfred Laurier University in Wa...

19 February, 2018
Send your pastor out to dinner

I am married to a minister. It is a rich and wonderful life, full of surprises and adventure and challenges. Yes, yes indeed, there are many built-in rewards and joy in clergy life. That is all true. But you know what...

19 February, 2018
Reconciliation: We need a new story

Reconciliation is an important part of the Jan/Feb Faith Today. One of our writers, author and professor Mark Buchanan, mentions a ministry called New Story — one day seminars that help churches understand our relatio...

12 February, 2018
The joy of Shrove Tuesday and the solemnity of Ash Wednesday

My entire family loves Shrove Tuesday. When the kids were younger, and we lived in a rectory that was beside the church where their Dad served as priest, they would dash over to the church as soon as they could to “he...

31 January, 2018
A new way to engage with Lent: Commit to care for creation

I used to take a lot of sugar in my coffee. Several years ago, I cut it out for Lent. It felt good to skip the sweet stuff (while remaining highly caffeinated!). But cutting sugar from my coffee didn’t feel like mu...

25 January, 2018
A quick church quiz for you

In the Jan/Feb Faith Today, we have a great article called “Would our neighbourhoods notice if we left? The Flourishing Congregations Institute probes what is working in Canadian Congregations.” The article, by Am...

24 January, 2018
Why not, Canada? Learning how to create disciple-making movements

My colleague Trevor Larsen (not his real name) has seen thousands of people come to Christ in a movement doubling every 18 months for the last 10 years – in a cultural environment more resistant to the gospel than pos...

22 January, 2018
Toll free line offered now in Canada to help with end of life decisions

In response to Canada’s increased social acceptance and legalization of assisted suicide, a new ministry has launched a crisis line to help support and guide people making tough decisions as they near death.

09 January, 2018
Ten Commandments of a disability-friendly church

What do you need to be a disability-friendly church? Do you need a staff person assigned to a formal disability ministry? Do you need a large budget and a special curriculum? All of those things can be helpful, but...

02 January, 2018
Top blog posts of 2017 for Faith Today

Here are the blogs that interested you, moved you, irritated you (?) and caused you to share in 2017. Thanks for reading! We have much more great Christian journalism in store for you in 2018…

21 December, 2017
Reconciliation resources

Are you looking for ways to work towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians? Here’s the start of a Faith Today list of resources, compiled in conjunction with our special package of reconci...

18 December, 2017
Taking time for the cheeseball

Yesterday I whipped up a cheeseball — for when else do you have a cheeseball but at Christmas? — and we invited our neighbours and a few friends over for an impromptu gathering. We sang Christmas carols, quite badly f...

12 December, 2017
Confessions of a tech addict

Before I had my own iPhone, I judged harshly those pathetic, addicted people who always had their phones on, and on them. Always scrolling, fingers dashing from one app to another, sometimes barely looking up. Ch...

GFA World Daily Lent Devotional 2023
GFA World Daily Lent Devotional 2023