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09 February, 2015
The madcap world of creativity in Canadian Christian organizations

Let me introduce you to Sharon. She is a change agent, a questioner, a critic.

06 February, 2015
When you don’t have it all figured out

Many years ago I served on a search committee for a youth pastor. In one of our preliminary meetings the chairman suggested we decide on the doctrinal “must haves” for any potential candidates.

03 February, 2015
What is lament? And why does it matters so much?

Very few pastors in my denomination knew what I wanted when I asked if I they’d allow me to interview them for a Faith Today feature on why churches needed to recover the lost art of lament.

02 February, 2015
Living day by day when it is more difficult than ever

And no one can infallibly predict what will happen five months or five weeks or five days from now, so now it really doesn’t matter what they say

28 January, 2015
Don’t slam the door: When Jehovah’s witnesses come knocking

When Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on your door, you should keep the names of two women and two men in mind.

20 January, 2015
For the sake of lament

"Lament is a crying out – in the midst of a world tainted by sin, sorrow, pain and confusion – to a good God who has the power to change a given situation,” says Stacey Gleddiesmith, program director of worship arts a...

19 January, 2015
Writing about war from a comfortable chair

My recent article on Christians and war for Faith Today was written in the comfort of my climate-controlled office, on my adjustable ergonomic chair, with a warm drink handy.

15 January, 2015
The day I went to church in a strip club

I’d never been to a strip club before. And so I admit that even as I forced myself to put on my fearless journalist’s hat (for the sake of my husband and daughter who accompanied me) my heart was beating just a little...

14 January, 2015
When some moral judgments are allowed. And others are not.

A recent editorial in The Globe and Mail began: “A physician who is predisposed by faith to make negative moral judgments about a patient is a bad doctor.”

12 January, 2015
The abyss of forgetfulness: Learning from Alzheimer’s

Ten years have passed since Anna’s memory loss became apparent. Seven years since receiving the diagnosis of probable Alzheimer’s, thirty-some days since Anna entered the long-term care facility.

07 January, 2015
How to read the Bible when you don’t know where to start

Faith Today‘s Sept/Oct feature “How to Read the Bible Well” touched a nerve with many readers, including Al Reimers, who shared his Bible reading plan with senior writer Patricia Paddey.

05 January, 2015
An immigrant to Canada grapples with residential school legacy

For 120 years, over 150,000 Aboriginal children (Metis, First Nations, and Inuit) in Canada were forcibly separated from their families to attend Indian Residential Schools run by churches and funded by the government...

23 December, 2014
The first Christian was a single mother: Fear, favour and faith

For most of my childhood, I was raised by a single mom. When I consider my own fortunate position alongside a godly man, I have no idea how she did it all