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11 May, 2015
Leaving on a jet plane

This Friday, Faith Today has a unique opportunity to visit the work in the field of one of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s affiliates, Samaritan’s Purse.

07 May, 2015
“We heard a huge rumbling sound” — Canadian volunteers offer eye-witness account

David and Pauline Streeter of Uxbridge, Ont., left Canada for Nepal thinking they were heading for a challenging but rewarding week of volunteer service at the Aanandit Charity Centre, a Christian organization that ca...

06 May, 2015
Because it is right and just: Voices from Canada’s pro-life movement

The National March for Life will hit the streets next week on May 14. In honour of that event, and in recognition of the ongoing efforts by countless Canadians to remind us that Canada does not have any legislative re...

29 April, 2015
A phone call from Nepal: Local leader shares what life is like now

Luke McKee is Communications Coordinator for Partners International Canada. This week, he hosted a phone call with Bhim Lai, a partner in Nepal. Bhim Lal shared what life is like right now in the earthquake-stricken...

29 April, 2015
Myths about disaster relief: World Vision’s new president weighs in

World Vision Canada’s incoming president and CEO Michael Messenger is on the ground in Nepal supporting World Vision’s emergency response to last Saturday’s devastating earthquake. Prior to his departure, Michael refl...

28 April, 2015
EFC webinar tackles huge issue

Last week, Bruce Clemenger, president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), sat down with Karen Stiller, a senior editor of Faith Today, to talk about euthanasia.

27 April, 2015
An insider glimpse into the Ebola crisis

Dr. Rick Sacra contracted the Ebola virus in September 2014, while working at ELWA Hospital in Liberia. Following several weeks of treatment at the Nebraska Medical Center, Dr. Sacra returned to Liberia. He shares his...

20 April, 2015
The shudder of the miracle: Art as conversion and conversation

carolyn_weber Author Carolyn Weber explores art as Christian expression. I participated in the David Festival in Port Perry, Ontario this past weekend, teaching a workshop on one of my favourite genres, the spiritua...

16 April, 2015
Miracles. Why not? James Beverley encourages us to believe

Few people in history can match David Hume (1711–1776) for creating doubt about the possibility of miracles.

15 April, 2015
James Beverley explores our concern with terrorism

Not since 9/11 have so many people been so preoccupied with Islamic terrorism. What happened?

13 April, 2015
As spring breaks into Canada: James Beverley reminds us to watch for God

It’s James Beverley week on the Faith Today blog. We will be featuring some of our favourite columns from a writer who has informed and challenged Faith Today readers for years.

07 April, 2015
Running with new possibilities in Canadian Seminaries: Jo-ann Badley shares

039 Jo-Ann Badley is dean of theology and professor of New Testament at Ambrose University in Calgary. I just got back from a meeting of Seminary Academic Deans in Chicago where I met Anna Robbins, one of the other ...

01 April, 2015
Happy Easter

As we enter Easter, Faith Today gathered a handful of quotes for your reflection on this weekend of somber remembrance and joyful celebration.

30 March, 2015
My difficult and rich experience being a pro-life campus activist

A Canadian university campus just might be one of the most difficult places to be actively pro-life.