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28 January, 2016
38 and counting! Canadian congregations respond to Faith Today contest

This morning, I interviewed Patti Miller, a hardworking Canadian pastor. This particular leader has just moved from Hamilton to Montreal to lead a big church on a big new adventure. The interview will appear in March/...

25 January, 2016
How music tends and heals in palliative care

Faith Today recently printed a story called “Gently into the arms of Jesus” which touched on the urgent need for improved palliative care in Canada. We invited a specialist in one particular and unique corner of the c...

22 January, 2016
What I learned visiting churches in Moncton: Lessons for everyone!

My name is Sara and I love going to church. I like seeing how different churches do things, and how they spread their joy and passions to those around them.

13 January, 2016
Why are we doing a webinar on clergy wellness?

“No sabbatical. No help with counseling. No clear picture of what’s expected.” Those are the three main reasons given by hundreds of former senior pastors for why they left their pastorates, in a recently released re...

13 January, 2016
Follow. Then go. Last thoughts from Urbana 2015

Faith Today ran a contest to send a student to Urbana 2015. Jeanie Qiu, a University of Alberta student, was chosen to attend North America’s largest student missions conference. She shared her learnings and thoughts ...

11 January, 2016
Film crew reports from the frontlines of a Syrian refugee camp: “throughout the suffering, God remains present, and his presence brings hope.”

As the world considers how it will respond to the Syrian crisis, millions of men, women and children remain trapped in a state of chaos, struggling to survive in foreign countries having been forced from theirs.

08 January, 2016
Memories of the Christian brethren

In the current issue of Faith Today, columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr. promised additional reflections on growing up in an otherworldly evangelical community.

04 January, 2016
“Dear church” and other bits of awesomeness from the latest Faith Today

If you were going to write a letter to the Church, what would you say?

04 January, 2016
Donnez votre pasteur un repos!

Photo: His Secret Place à Rocky Harbour, Terre-Neuve, est l’un des centres de retraite partout au Canada qui ouvrent leurs portes pour les pasteurs qui ont besoin d’un repos.

23 December, 2015
Every Number Tells A Story: An Urbana Veteran Shares Her Story

All through December, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship campus ministers have been reporting on how many students are heading to the Urbana Missions Conference. With every update, I rejoice. Every number tells a story.

23 December, 2015
An Artful Christmas

“Join me and Santa Claus for church this Sunday at Newcastle Town Hall.” I shared that audacious announcement with friends and family because this year, my Christmas included collaborative creating with Santa at a one...

21 December, 2015

There is a rather large cohort of folks heading to St. Louis immediately after Christmas for the triennial Urbana gathering. I join them to contribute a couple of seminars but also to serve as plenary speaker for the ...

16 December, 2015
How To Be Less Grumpy This Christmas (..if That Is An Issue For You)

Around this time of year, I start to say and think things like, “I need to take care of myself.” I don’t usually think like that. But as December cranks itself up, I am aware of myself as a little more fragile, or t...

14 December, 2015
What My Friends Need From The Church: A Men’s Shelter Worker Shares Tough Truths

Some of my better friends are not welcome in my church. It’s not because the people in my church are bad people — to the contrary, they are kind and generous. Chances are my friends wouldn’t be welcome at your chur...