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11 July, 2016
Why colouring matters

We constantly distinguish between colours—when we get dressed or apply make-up, when we cook, in our gardens, while driving. Colour choices have great impact in fashion, décor and marketing because colour affects our ...

04 July, 2016
Please do scribble on the cover of this Faith Today

This is not an exaggeration: When we dreamed up the idea of a Faith Today cover that readers could colour, one of us leaped out of their chair in excitement. And one of us looked wary. Which is closer to your reaction...

30 June, 2016
Trinity Western University: “We know it will be messy”

“Some have asked, ‘Wouldn’t it be easier to just make the Covenant voluntary?’ Of course it would. But this question misses the point.”

28 June, 2016
How Christians can get out of debt

Debt is a huge part of North American culture. 50% of Canadians say they worry about their finances (2013 CICA Financial Priorities Survey).

20 June, 2016
New Canadian film series makes faith sharing easier

“How can we help you share your faith in Jesus?”

13 June, 2016
Let’s do a better job of helping each other

Canadians are compassionate – we’ve seen that again and again, most recently with the wildfires in Fort McMurray and the refugees resettled from Syria. But what about when an individual suffers and is not good at gett...

08 June, 2016
Are youth still leaving the church? Join us for our webinar on Hemorrhaging Faith

In September, 2012, I wrote the Faith Today cover story on the report that helped us understand youth in relationship to the Church as engagers, fence sitters, wanderers or rejecters.

06 June, 2016
Refugees need time to say goodbye and time to say hello

Recently I came across this quote – it takes a minute to say hello and a life time to say goodbye. How true this is as we say good-bye to my dear uncle.

31 May, 2016
How a correspondence ministry helps inmates know Jesus

After 27 years of working inside as a chaplain, I wondered what it would be like overseeing a correspondence ministry. Would I miss the face to face contact? Would it be the same impact?

24 May, 2016
Pornography most common sexual sin of Christian men

Earlier this year, Angus Reid released the results of a poll that give us insight into the morals of men in Canada. According to this poll, 52% of men in Canada believe that watching pornography is always or usually m...

19 May, 2016
What counts as a flourishing congregation in Canada?

What counts as a flourishing congregation in Canada? What are the indicators of a flourishing congregation?

10 May, 2016
An American and Canadian evangelical dialogue over our story: “Are American and Canadian evangelicals really that different?”

At Faith Today, we thought we would carry on the conversation about American and Canadian Evangelicals generated by our May/Jun cover story. So here we present the reaction of an American Evangelical to that story, an...

09 May, 2016
Goodbye beautiful writer, our lovely friend

This weekend Faith Today senior writer Debra Fieguth died, following a massive stroke. If you have read Faith Today over the years, you will have no doubt been influenced by Debra in your life and faith, even if you d...

02 May, 2016
Writing the difficult story of Gospel For Asia

We first began to hear about the troubles facing Gospel for Asia through our readers. We received several letters from Faith Today subscribers concerned that we were running advertisements from a charity facing ser...