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23 December, 2015
An Artful Christmas

“Join me and Santa Claus for church this Sunday at Newcastle Town Hall.” I shared that audacious announcement with friends and family because this year, my Christmas included collaborative creating with Santa at a one...

21 December, 2015

There is a rather large cohort of folks heading to St. Louis immediately after Christmas for the triennial Urbana gathering. I join them to contribute a couple of seminars but also to serve as plenary speaker for the ...

16 December, 2015
How To Be Less Grumpy This Christmas (..if That Is An Issue For You)

Around this time of year, I start to say and think things like, “I need to take care of myself.” I don’t usually think like that. But as December cranks itself up, I am aware of myself as a little more fragile, or t...

14 December, 2015
What My Friends Need From The Church: A Men’s Shelter Worker Shares Tough Truths

Some of my better friends are not welcome in my church. It’s not because the people in my church are bad people — to the contrary, they are kind and generous. Chances are my friends wouldn’t be welcome at your chur...

07 December, 2015
Calling For A New Generation Of Christian Activists

Sister Jean Ann Ledwell introduced me to advocacy as a way of being Church.

01 December, 2015
The 17-year Old Girl Forced To Church Shares Her Advice To The Church

A couple of weeks ago, one of our editors wrote a blog that touched a nerve. It was called Why We Force Our Kids, Almost Without Fail, to Go to Church. Holly Stiller, the girl in the blog, wrote back.

27 November, 2015
In A World Of Danger, Are Short Term Missions Worth The Risk?

In an increasingly dangerous world, are short term missions worth the risk?

23 November, 2015
Evangelical Churches Stepping Up To Refugee Crisis

The biggest refugee crisis since the end of World War Two has led to a huge outpouring of compassion. Canadian church organizations continue to be inundated with queries and offers to help Syrian refugees.

17 November, 2015
In Light Of Paris: A Refugee Support Group Finds Its Way

We have one of those decorative signs in our house near the back door so our kids can see it as they leave for school. Instead of “dance! sing! celebrate!” this one is about doing the right thing.

16 November, 2015
How Your Church Can Sponsor Refugees

Since that day in early September when the image of a tiny boy’s body washed up on a Turkish shore began circulating in the media, thousands of compassionate Canadians have been wondering what they can do to rescue fa...

05 November, 2015
Why We Force Our Kids, Almost Without Fail, To Go To Church

Last Sunday morning, my lovely 17-year old daughter told me she was going to the gym instead of church. I told her she wasn’t. She told me she was. I repeated she wasn’t. Then she said, “I have no choice in this!”

02 November, 2015
An Evangelical Explores The Idea Of Saints … And Discovers A Great One

“What has been will be again,
 what has been done will be done again;
 there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

26 October, 2015
Urbana, refugees, James Bond, poverty and more. Here comes Nov/Dec Faith Today

We’ve just hit “send” on the Nov/Dec issue of Faith Today. It’s a great one, if we do say so ourselves (and on behalf of all the writers whose hard work it showcases, and all the Canadian stories it tells).

20 October, 2015
When easy answers don’t help a marriage

I’ve been a blogger since 2008, and my blog, To Love, Honor and Vacuum, has grown quite large. I’ve been writing books at the same time, but my main ministry is that blog. And I rank really high in Google search engin...

13 October, 2015
Writer Julia Cheung takes us behind the scenes with Vancouver story

So clearly God’s gift to us—a hint of His character and of His goodness—beauty reveals God to a blinded humanity. Beauty opens us up to worship.

Communion cups Parasource
Communion cups Parasource