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02 May, 2016
Writing the difficult story of Gospel For Asia

We first began to hear about the troubles facing Gospel for Asia through our readers. We received several letters from Faith Today subscribers concerned that we were running advertisements from a charity facing ser...

26 April, 2016
Honestly, some of my best friends are American evangelicals

“Are American and Canadian Evangelicals really that different?” caught the attention of my friends.

26 April, 2016
Nepal one year later

Rebuilding after tragedy has not been an easy journey for the country of Nepal.

18 April, 2016
Dear fundraiser… A letter from Christians who give

Rod Wilson wrote our Mar/Apr cover story on the meaning of money. He challenged us to reconsider the role of money in our lives.

06 April, 2016
Praying doesn’t come easily. But it’s happening all around the world

Prayer is tough when taken seriously. Praying doesn’t come easily. I can preach, organize, write, exhort, study, and create fairly easily, but praying is a discipline. For most, prayer is not our first choice—getting ...

31 March, 2016
Why I rushed home and finally called my Member of Parliament

Today, I rushed home from work and called my Member of Parliament. It wasn’t nearly as difficult or stressful as I feared. To be honest, I don’t even know why I thought it would be. What was I so worried about?

23 March, 2016
What about the refugees already here? A long-time refugee activist issues a challenge

As someone who has helped with the hands-on resettlement of close to 4,000 refugees in Canada in the past 28 years, in many ways, I am thrilled by the recent wave of enthusiasm, interest and compassion shown by Canadi...

21 March, 2016
Then and now: A son reflects on his father’s ministry in Quebec

“Then + Now” is a feature in the Mar/Apr Faith Today that shares the experience of Charles Foster and Marc Pilon, highlighting the unique challenges of evangelizing in Canada’s belle province. We asked Rob Foster, Cha...

15 March, 2016
An Evangelical ponders the pope and the patriarch and the meeting in Cuba

When word came of a meeting between Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis in Cuba, a headline in the National Post wondered whether the event might hail the “End of the 1,000-year schism?” Accompanying ph...

14 March, 2016
The risky, messy, life-changing world of urban ministry

“I’ve been in urban ministry for over twenty years.”

10 March, 2016
Faith Today contest shows Canadians love and appreciate their pastors

In January we invited churches from across the country to submit the names of their pastors for a contest, offered in partnership with spiritual retreat centres from coast to coast. We wanted to invite churches to sho...

02 March, 2016
The good, the bad and the ugly about our debt

Check out the latest issue of Faith Today! The Money Issue will challenge how you think about (and spend) your money. We’re calling our latest issue “The Money Issue.” Our Mar/Apr 2016 cover story explores our relat...

28 February, 2016
Transparency and authenticity abound in March/April Faith Today

As we read through the March/April issue of Faith Today one final time before sending it to our printer, authenticity was a theme that jumped out at us. People here are not interested in pretending it’s easy to be a C...

16 February, 2016
The first Syrian family we are sponsoring has arrived. It was cold. And it was warm.

Today I downloaded iTranslate, located the Arabic option, bought three for $20 bouquets at FoodLand, and my husband and I headed to the new home of the Syrian family who arrived in our town on Saturday.

11 February, 2016
How can even this be beautiful? Reflection on the tragedy in Calgary

The Wycliffe Canada community is grieving with the families who have lost so much in Calgary last weekend.

Welcome the Stranger refugee booklet