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19 September, 2016
Why we did a story on Christians who swear

I felt a little bit like a little old lady (sorry little old ladies!). I sat in the front row of a Christian writers conference in the States, beside my friend Patricia Paddey. One of the speakers swore a bit of a blu...

13 September, 2016
How do we help those who are suffering? Join us for our next webinar

The other day I walked through our family room, spotted a book on grief, and flipped it over so I didn’t have to see the cover. It was part of my husband’s pile of books and materials in transit. These books live on t...

08 September, 2016
A Canadian fall that bursts with possibility

Fall in Canada, no matter how old you are, bursts with possibilities.

21 August, 2016
Our colouring days are almost over

And now for something a little bit different…The Sep/Oct Faith Today has been packed up and shipped off to the printers, to so speak, even while the ink still dries on the colour-me cover of the Jul/Aug issue. Many o...

16 August, 2016
Christians are a peculiar bunch to a whole lot of people

I’ve just returned from an intense two weeks of high level diplomacy work. Sort of. I’m enrolled in a writing degree program in a secular university. I wanted to go to a Christian-based program in an American school b...

10 August, 2016
Visit a gallery, read a story, listen to music and be moved by the arts this summer

We have a painting in our living room that moves me. It’s of a horse, which sounds funny. But it’s a horse emerging out of nowhere, thundering from the background off to one side, clearly racing forward. It is inspire...

04 August, 2016
Montreal church serves Pokémon Go crowds

Pokémon GO had launched, and as it turned out, the hottest Pokéstop in Montreal was right in front of our church. Hundreds of people were suddenly there, at all hours of the day, an oddly silent crowd, staring at thei...

03 August, 2016
To colour is to grow, especially when you don’t know what you are doing

Last week I experienced spiritual growth by colouring the cover of the Jul/Aug issue of Faith Today.

27 July, 2016
“This is where the light went on for me…” Videographer shares experience in aftermath of Fort Mcmurray fires

In June and July I was asked to travel to Fort McMurray for three days at a time to connect with survivors of the wildfires and document their stories for Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associatio...

19 July, 2016
Church planting report reveals differences between Canadian and American Plants

Studying church plants is a bit like the “whack-a-mole” game at the local carnival. While you are getting a good look at the one that has just popped up in front of you, two more have popped up in different places and...

11 July, 2016
Why colouring matters

We constantly distinguish between colours—when we get dressed or apply make-up, when we cook, in our gardens, while driving. Colour choices have great impact in fashion, décor and marketing because colour affects our ...

04 July, 2016
Please do scribble on the cover of this Faith Today

This is not an exaggeration: When we dreamed up the idea of a Faith Today cover that readers could colour, one of us leaped out of their chair in excitement. And one of us looked wary. Which is closer to your reaction...

30 June, 2016
Trinity Western University: “We know it will be messy”

“Some have asked, ‘Wouldn’t it be easier to just make the Covenant voluntary?’ Of course it would. But this question misses the point.”

28 June, 2016
How Christians can get out of debt

Debt is a huge part of North American culture. 50% of Canadians say they worry about their finances (2013 CICA Financial Priorities Survey).

MEDA There is a solution to poverty - Business
MEDA There is a solution to poverty - Business