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05 December, 2016
The saints of old and persecuted Christians today

The first time I told another Evangelical I was taking a course called “The Lives of the Saints: Then and Now,” the response to my enthusiasm for my subject was less than enthusiastic. An arched eyebrow. A slight tilt...

04 December, 2016
Why I recently bawled over a Christian novel

A few days ago I cried — the real, big, splashing version of tears — over a book for the first time in a long time. It was a Sunday afternoon, and we were banished from our house because of an open house hosted by our...

30 November, 2016
How to simplify Christmas, maybe

The other night, our church hosted a discussion about how to simplify Christmas. We invited a local expert — a busy mother of eight with years of experience fine tuning Christmas — and we sat around and shared ideas.

22 November, 2016
Ann Voskamp and the myth of perfection

I admit it. I was one of the few people, it seemed at the time, who didn’t quite love, love, love the New York Times bestselling book by Canada’s best known farmer’s wife: One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I loved th...

18 November, 2016
‘Tis the season for charity gift catalogues

Here’s an expanded alphabetical list including the ten listed in our Nov/Dec 2016 print edition. You won’t want to miss them this Christmas! Simply click a headline to visit that charity’s online gift catalogue.

14 November, 2016
What does it mean to be the church in exile?

Less than a week before the U.S. presidential election, the presidents of EFC affiliate institutions met in Mississauga for the annual Presidents Day gathering. One of the speakers was Dr. Lee Beach, author of The Chu...

01 November, 2016
Why it’s so important to pray for the persecuted Church

Many people today think of the persecuted Church as some foreign entity in a distant land. But the persecuted Church is the body of Christ – they’re a part of us.

25 October, 2016
Reginald Bibby on Canada’s Catholics: The world is coming to Canada

Charting religious trends in Canada over the past 50 years has been a fascinating experience. Like the announcer who is calling the game from the booth, I have watched a wide range of church leaders down on the field ...

21 October, 2016
The pitfalls of endorsing candidates for public office: In light of the U.S. presidential race, a Canadian Christian leader reflects

“The Church is better able to fulfil its prophetic role at arm’s length.” In light of the U.S. Presidential race, EFC President Bruce Clemenger reflects on the difference between calling for justice and remaining non-...

14 October, 2016
Why it's good to show up with a pie, and other ways to help hurting people

The other day I interviewed Doug Koop, a spiritual health practitioner, and David Guretzki, a theology professor and seminary dean at Briercrest College & Seminary, about how to best help those who are suffering. It w...

11 October, 2016
Your online guide to church responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report

Where can you find, all in one place, the major responses from Christian organizations to the December 2015 final report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada on the history of residential schools for...

05 October, 2016
What we teach when we teach our kids about being grateful

I just listened to a CBC radio editorial, in acknowledgement of the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, about the difficulty of teaching gratitude to children who have so much.

04 October, 2016
Faith Today writer shares what it’s like to have a sister in the Olympics

For three days straight, my computer was my lifeline to one of the most important events my family has experienced. A lifetime of dedication, faith, perseverance and training led my sister, Jessica Phoenix, to the Rio...

22 September, 2016
What we might not know about the Amazon

The Amazon basin, also known as the Green Window, is the hidden home to thousands of indigenous tribes and communities. The people there live in what could be deemed primitive conditions and extreme levels of poverty...

22 September, 2016
How is God at work in Vancouver?

[Editor’s note: this is an advance peek at an important article we’ll be formally publishing in our Nov/Dec issue.] Vancouver is rightly celebrated for being one of the most liveable urban regions in the world. Yet...

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