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31 July, 2017
Resident theologian will pop up in Faith Today

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Faith Today‘s publisher, has just welcomed a new vice-president and resident theologian to the leadership team. David Guretzki will be deepening and extending the biblical and...

24 July, 2017
Six habits to enrich your marriage this summer and beyond

The Jul/Aug Faith Today featured a story about Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Ministries, the new initiative by Ron and Ann Mainse to help build strong marriages. We asked Ron and Ann to write a guest blog on how ...

18 July, 2017
What happens when you ask youth at a Manitoba bible college some pointed questions about the future of the church?

An EFC panel on the future of the Church in Canada recently provided an opportunity for Evangelicals in various spots across the country to reflect on the Church today. The EFC asked questions like ‘what in our experi...

11 July, 2017
Don’t read your Bible the way you’ve been taught: Scripture Union offers guidance this summer

It is Scripture Union’s 150th birthday, a milestone we cover in the Jul/Aug issue of Faith Today. We thought it would be fun to ask them to do what they do best for blog readers, help us read the Bible this summer. We...

05 July, 2017
Theological education is especially important here: an interview with Glen Taylor in the Gambia

Jul/Aug Faith Today profiles the work of Wycliffe College professor Glen Taylor, and the four year degree in Christian Studies he helped create in The Gambia, West Africa. We interviewed Taylor (GT) via email, while h...

26 June, 2017
Celebrate with us! Awards for Faith Today

Hooray for the Faith Today writers and staff who were publicly recognized this week!

26 June, 2017
My morning on Ottawa’s streets. The start of a Faith Today story

When we first moved to Ottawa in January, a brand new city for us, we didn’t know much of anything about living in the area. A fun group of parishioners from our new church who live in the same neighbourhood as we do...

22 June, 2017
I went to the National Prayer Breakfast. And this is what I saw

The morning sunlight blazed through Confederation Park. The tulip petals glowed. We were on our way to pray. Over 400 men and women met in the Westin Hotel in downtown Ottawa for the 52nd National Prayer Breakfa...

18 June, 2017
Off you go to the printers! See you soon.

Today we hit ‘send’ on the latest issue of Faith Today, shooting it out of our computers directly to the printers’, almost right on schedule. The last few days of a magazine’s production cycle involve poring over page...

14 June, 2017
Reconciliation involves listening. Blanket exercise makes that easy.

I participated in my first Blanket Exercise recently on Parliament Hill. I had heard of it only once before, when the earnest son of a friend, newly sensitized to Aboriginal issues, tried to walk his extended family...

14 June, 2017
Confessions of a kid who didn’t rebel

An interview with Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach, author of Faith Today‘s May/Jun cover story, “Help your kids embrace the faith: trading in picture-perfect faith for authentic experience.”

05 June, 2017
Talk about pornography with your kids, you might be surprised what you hear

A few of us have taken home a copy of the EFC’s latest resource, “Battling Pornography: A Guide for Canadians.” The booklet is a collection of resources about the prevalence of online pornography, how it harms, and ho...

04 June, 2017
An EFC intern heads to a Christian women’s conference. And this is what she saw

As an enthusiastic, confident, and ambitious young woman, finding my place in Kingdom work can be exciting, but also complicated. Messages in culture clash with those in scripture and sometimes even the Biblical truth...

31 May, 2017
Are pregnancy care centres anti-woman?

Pregnancy care centres have been accused of being anti-choice with hidden, secret agendas. Let’s take a look at the situation.

26 May, 2017
One sermon in 150+ Vancouver churches on June 11

The same sermon theme will be preached in over 150 Vancouver churches on Sunday June 11. Our theme: welcoming the stranger. I feel giddy with anticipation as I type! This is a response to what can sometimes be a fe...