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05 June, 2017
Talk about pornography with your kids, you might be surprised what you hear

A few of us have taken home a copy of the EFC’s latest resource, “Battling Pornography: A Guide for Canadians.” The booklet is a collection of resources about the prevalence of online pornography, how it harms, and ho...

04 June, 2017
An EFC intern heads to a Christian women’s conference. And this is what she saw

As an enthusiastic, confident, and ambitious young woman, finding my place in Kingdom work can be exciting, but also complicated. Messages in culture clash with those in scripture and sometimes even the Biblical truth...

31 May, 2017
Are pregnancy care centres anti-woman?

Pregnancy care centres have been accused of being anti-choice with hidden, secret agendas. Let’s take a look at the situation.

26 May, 2017
One sermon in 150+ Vancouver churches on June 11

The same sermon theme will be preached in over 150 Vancouver churches on Sunday June 11. Our theme: welcoming the stranger. I feel giddy with anticipation as I type! This is a response to what can sometimes be a fe...

22 May, 2017
If you are faith-based group sponsoring refugees, you are doing them a great service

Privately-sponsored refugees are more likely than government-sponsored refugees to have Canadian friends for the long haul. That was one of the insights presented about immigration and refugees at the “Our Whole Socie...

17 May, 2017
Fear of parents is a factor in abortions

Last week the March for Life wound its way through downtown Ottawa. Thousands of people filled the streets carrying pro-life signs and banners. As I thought about the issue of the day, I couldn’t help but reflect on t...

15 May, 2017
Gary Chapman on the history of The 5 Love Languages

have always liked wildflowers. There is something exciting about scattering seed and waiting and watching to see what comes up. However, through the years I have sometimes been disappointed when few seeds germinate...

10 May, 2017
Why the parent cafe works so well

Ask most parents what they most need within their busy schedules, and they might say an occasional safe place to talk and share and be supported in what is one of the most difficult jobs in the world: being a good par...

09 May, 2017
Our whole society conference brings old and new friends together

I knew that I knew her from somewhere. The woman at the end of my row in a workshop at the “Our Whole Society: Religion and Citizenship at Canada’s 150th” in Ottawa was eerily familiar, but I couldn’t quite place her.

01 May, 2017
“Why I march for life”: A young activist shares her history with the national March for Life

For many frustrated pro-life advocates, 2017 got off to a great start. The movement received some unexpected attention when the network of Women’s Marches took the world by storm.

10 April, 2017
Faith Today is going to Uganda

This week, one of Faith Today‘s senior editors, Karen Stiller, is flying to Uganda to visit refugee camps that are welcoming the seemingly never-ending flow of ordinary women, men and children fleeing the seemingly ne...

03 April, 2017
Seven great reasons to grab hold of the May/jun Faith Today

Hey folks! We are excited, as always, about the next issue of Faith Today. And we think you will be too. Here are seven great things coming up, and seven great reasons to subscribe today…

28 March, 2017
Making peace with creation: The story behind the new film out of Regent College

I knew that I had to make this film after my wife, Amanda, and I took part in the ‘Boat Course’, a remarkable educational experience that Loren and Mary Ruth Wilkinson devised and have been offering at Regent College ...

22 March, 2017
My conversation with a man whose wife died by assisted suicide

The other day I met a man whose wife had died by assisted suicide earlier this year. We sat beside each other on an airplane and struck up conversation, as people do. We discovered we were both writers of a sort, and ...