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05 November, 2017
Read it. Enjoy it. And subscribe to it too!

The Nov/Dec issue of Faith Today is finding its way to you, if you subscribe. And hopefully you do! This issue includes an interview with Christian broadcaster and Crossroads CEO Lorna Dueck who tackles that very issu...

18 October, 2017
It’s “Us Too” For christian women, even in the church

A couple of years ago a friend of mine and I went to the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing. There, we met another Canadian writer, an older Christian man whom I had met before. I introduced him to my fri...

18 October, 2017
Give thanks continually … To the people you work with

When was the last time someone went out of their way to thank you? Do you remember what they did? What they said? How you felt?

11 October, 2017
The awful legacy of Hugh Hefner

Yesterday I was Skyping with Ashley Easter, who is doing great work helping survivors of abuse within the church, and promoting healing. And we were talking about how being married to someone with a porn addiction can...

10 October, 2017
Every hour counts: A call to create beauty and other great things well

Prof. John G. Stackhouse, Jr. delivered the following message in the academic chapel of Crandall University this September. We thought Faith Today readers, who know Stackhouse from his books and our pages, would appre...

02 October, 2017
Be kind to those in your church living with mental illness and mental health challenges

I write as a person with lived experience, as a former pastor who has struggled with dark periods of depression, suicidal ideation and the misuse of alcohol. Mental health problems are generational in the Summerville ...

28 September, 2017
Is your daughter safer at a christian college?

The back to school season often brings yet another disturbing story about a student sexually victimized on campus. Colleges and universities continue to struggle against violent hazing rituals, misogynist frosh chants...

28 September, 2017
Ten things about sexual assault students should know

Here’s a sneak peek (with permission) at an article that will be published in our upcoming Nov/Dec issue. Subscribe now and you’ll still be in time to get the full issue.

25 September, 2017
Behind the scenes with our “Helping Children After Divorce” story

I’m an eternal optimist. After the initial alarm over the bad stats on kids of divorce, I decided to look at the percentage of kids who did well. What happened to make them thrive and overcome the odds? It’s something...

18 September, 2017
That beautiful debate

It is a beautiful thing to have a debate about God and faith, right in the heart of the University of Toronto campus. That’s what happened just this past Friday night.

12 September, 2017
Is God a figment of our imagination? The debate is coming…

So far, it is Alister McGrath: 2, Michael Shermer: 1. That’s not actually a score, it’s my book tally as I prepare to moderate a September 15th “Is God a Figment of our Imagination?”debate at the University of Toronto.

05 September, 2017
It’s worth all the dirty laundry

Seven or so loads later, and the stinky, dusty dirty clothing and sleeping bags from a summer at camp have been laundered and folded. I was going to add “and put away” but a glance at my son’s bedroom floor tells me t...

19 August, 2017
What we read this summer

Usually summer reading lists appear at the start of the season, but this year we asked EFC staff (The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is the publisher of Faith Today), what they have already read this summer. So far....

06 August, 2017
A Canadian author tackles the life of David in upcoming novel: a FT mini-interview with Mark Buchanan

Readers of the Jul/Aug Faith Today were treated to a take on King David that we might not have read before. “You anoint my head with oil: What a Bronze Age warrior-king can teach us about friends and enemies,” is an i...

01 August, 2017
The passing of a great one: Haddon Robinson influenced many Canadian preachers

Toronto church planter and writer Darryl Dash, one of the Canadian preachers who studied under Haddon Robinson, shares his thoughts.

The Sanctuary Course - Mental Health and Faith - Get Started for Free
The Sanctuary Course - Mental Health and Faith - Get Started for Free