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28 September, 2015
Christians should move swiftly: A response to the Syrian refugee crisis

The image of young Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body washing up on the shore is the result of inaction. This tragic story has come to symbolize the ‘Syrian refugee crisis’ however it provides Christians with two incredibly p...

24 September, 2015
Community and dating again: Alex Newman goes behind the scenes with her recent Faith Today story

040 Read Alex Newman’s piece “Middle-Aged, Divorced and Dating Online” in the Sep/Oct Faith Today When I was in my 20s, I loved writing caustic letters to friends about hilarious antics, real or imagined, while doin...

21 September, 2015
Digging deeper into ministry wellness project

The May/Jun Faith Today featured The Wycliffe Wellness Project, a research project to discover what brings wellness to clergy and others engaged in ministry. You can read the article here. We decided to have an update...

14 September, 2015
Behind the scenes with Faith Today’s story on Omar Khadr

I can’t even remember the first time I heard about Omar Khadr, but I’m sure it was years ago. What I heard was a young teenager who was a Canadian citizen, had been incarcerated at the notorious military prison in Gua...

08 September, 2015
Why do evangelical churches do better in today’s Canada?

With the first national study of its kind, Sam Reimer and I published our book, A Culture of Faith, on evangelical congregations in Canada.

27 August, 2015
Four months after a short-term mission trip

Four months have passed since I was priviledged to go on a mission trip with Samaritan’s Purse to Cambodia.

17 August, 2015
School is weeks away: How to talk to teachers well

Ontario’s new sex education curriculum slated to take effect this coming September – and it’s not just an Ontario issue of course – has stirred up strong reactions in parents who are concerned about what their childre...

10 August, 2015
All the reasons to care: After the Massacre in Kenya

“That was pretty good, Dad,” my son said. He had just finished “After the Massacre in Kenya” in the Jul/Aug issue of Faith Today. From him, that’s a glowing review. “But…” he said. I knew it was too good to be true.

05 August, 2015
Announcing Faith Today’s “send a student to Urbana” contest winner

Urbana 2015 is North America’s largest student missions conference, hosted by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. And this year Faith Today is sending a Canadian student.

30 July, 2015
What to look forward to in the Sep/Oct Faith Today!

We are in the final stages of putting the Sep/Oct issue of Faith Today to bed. That means a flurry of emails and activity between editors, copy-editor, design guru and writers as we tweak, trim and “ooh and ahh” over ...

27 July, 2015
10 ways to get your kid unhooked this summer (from Technology Of Course)

Unhooking from tech is a bit of a theme this summer for Faith Today. Our July/Aug issue features a how-to article on just that topic. Now, our guest blogger offers 10 solid tips for loosening technology’s hold on your...

22 July, 2015
Heading to Urbana

In 1993 my husband Brent and I travelled to Urbana, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s student mission conference that happens in the snowy days between Christmas and New Year’s every three years.

20 July, 2015
The joy of a webinar

As “host” of the two EFC webinars we have done so far, one on euthanasia and one on religious freedom in Canada, I have to say, they are surprisingly enjoyable to do. Surprising in their enjoyment because they are als...

16 July, 2015
Is it true? Is it beautiful? Questions to ask about our art

Last year some Christian artist friends urged my husband and me to see a production at a local theatre. The play contained some of the most profanity-laden dialogue we had ever heard. And yet, as the story unfolded, w...