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08 June, 2015
Creative idea and practical tips define book: Faith Today subscription promo

Shifting Stats – Shaking the Church: 40 Canadian Churches Respond (World Vision, 2015)is catching the attention of church leaders with more than a thousand copies distributed during the first six weeks after its relea...

04 June, 2015
Why religious freedom is so important: An interview with ambassador Andrew Bennett

As the next EFC webinar on June 11 rolls around (this time on religious freedom) we revisit some relevant blogs. What does Ambassador Andrew Bennett say about religious freedom?

03 June, 2015
A good day for religious freedom in Canada

As we prepare for the next EFC webinar on June 11 on religious freedom, we revisit some recent developments in Canada

01 June, 2015
Exploring religious freedom in Canada today

The next EFC Webinar is on the horizon on Thursday, June 11. Bruce J. Clemenger, EFC president, will unpack what religious freedom means in Canada today — and what pastors, church leaders and individual Christians ne...

29 May, 2015
How sweet Christian community is, even short-term

There is so much to write about from my just-finished trip to Cambodia. I was gone for almost two weeks — and on planes for almost two days on the way back — with Samaritan’s Purse, accompanying a Water for Kids Trip.

28 May, 2015
Really inspiring ideas

As a Christian journalist, my head is always in the news. Whether I’m scanning the latest headlines, interviewing contacts or working my network, looking for potential stories, I’m immersed in the latest events

22 May, 2015
Sex, drugs, religion and the Canadian Church in the 1960s

Kevin Flatt is associate professor of history and director of research at Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ont., and a history columnist for Faith Today magazine. This week on the Faith Today blog we feature som...

20 May, 2015
Ever heard of a Canadian Christian hippie?

Everyone has heard of the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. With their bright clothing, outlandish behaviour and psychedelic music, hippies attracted attention – often intentionally. But what about a Christian ...

18 May, 2015
When disaster struck Halifax: The Church rallied

Just before 9:05 a.m. on the morning of December 6, 1917, the largest man-made explosion up to that point in history tore through Halifax

13 May, 2015
Behind the scenes with shifting stats

“Canada is home to one of the most multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religous populations and the planet, and we’re facing some of the most significant upheavals inout nation’s history. So what does this mean for Chr...

11 May, 2015
Leaving on a jet plane

This Friday, Faith Today has a unique opportunity to visit the work in the field of one of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s affiliates, Samaritan’s Purse.

07 May, 2015
“We heard a huge rumbling sound” — Canadian volunteers offer eye-witness account

David and Pauline Streeter of Uxbridge, Ont., left Canada for Nepal thinking they were heading for a challenging but rewarding week of volunteer service at the Aanandit Charity Centre, a Christian organization that ca...

06 May, 2015
Because it is right and just: Voices from Canada’s pro-life movement

The National March for Life will hit the streets next week on May 14. In honour of that event, and in recognition of the ongoing efforts by countless Canadians to remind us that Canada does not have any legislative re...

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