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23 December, 2022
Let The Light In: Healing from Distorted Images of God

An extended online review of a 2021 book by Colin McCartney

22 December, 2022
Come Awake, Different Now

An extended review of two music recordings (from 2021 and 2022) by Jon Buller

22 December, 2022
Christian books from B.C. authors - a 2022 overview has once again published a list of local books from the past year. Always worth checking out.

31 October, 2022
Author Chrissy M. Dennis on her young adult novels

Three questions for Saskatchewan author Chrissy Dennis

28 October, 2022
A Call to Christian Formation: How Theology Makes Sense of Our World

An extended review of a 2021 book by John C. Clark & Marcus Peter Johnson

28 October, 2022
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

An extended Reading the Bestsellers review of a 2014 book by Bessel van der Kolk

27 October, 2022
Small press roundup. Art by Alaina Agnew

Small press roundup. Artwork by Alaina Agnew; Books on the "gray areas of faith"; period between Old and New Testament; how salvation was accomplished; the gospel from Peter's perspective; and more

28 August, 2022
The Stranger in the Lifeboat

An extended Reading the Bestsellers review of a 2021 novel by Mitch Albom

28 August, 2022
And If I Don’t: Reimagining the Single Life

An extended review of a 2021 book by April Klassen

26 August, 2022
Author Bunmi Laditan on parenting with newfound faith

Three questions for the author of Help Me God, I'm a Parent and Confessions of a Domestic Failure