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27 July, 2020
Listen to the groans

What cries for justice tell us about God’s plans for His world

08 June, 2020
Virtual realities

There are barriers to singing corporately over the internet. Maybe that tells us something important.

06 April, 2020
Standing up straighter

We are born incurvatus in se. But we don’t have to stay that way.

10 November, 2019
Stoicism isn't spiritual

What grief is teaching me about being fully human

18 September, 2019
Clearing the air

The essential practice of keeping short accounts

03 July, 2019
You are NOT enough

Resisting the pathology of self-sufficiency

17 June, 2019
It takes a global village

Why diverse conversation partners – both living and literary – matter

08 April, 2019
Getting our stories straight

How what we believe shapes our experience of reality

13 December, 2018
Purpose over preference

How do we decide what is essential in corporate worship?

01 August, 2018
Eulogy virtues

How the celebration of a life is changing mine