A messier approach to discipling children

​How can parents best help their children grow in their faith? How can churches best support the parents?

We're at a funny moment right now. Some of us have gone back to church in person, lots of us haven't. We're all busy. We all want the best for our children and for them to come to a living and lifelong faith in Jesus. The latest EFC-led partner-built research study will be released this spring. It digs into how parents see their roles in the faith formation of their children, how they work that out in the midst of busy lives and what role the local church plays. Some of that research will surprise you.

Lesli van Milligen is Canadian director, congregational ministry (and team lead for regional catalyzers) of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. She joins Karen Stiller to offer encouragement and insights for parents and churches alike.

Faith Today also published a condensed text version of this interview.