The story behind the new Mohawk translation of the Bible

It's been a 200-year journey for a complete Mohawk translation of the Bible to find its way into the world. The first translation in the history of the Bible Society was the translation of the Gospel of John in Mohawk by the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1804. In 1880, the four Gospels were translated by Sosé Onasakenrat of Kanesatake, In 2023, the Mohawk Bible is now complete, thanks to the tireless translation work of Onasakenrat's great grandson Harvey Satewas Gabriel. 

Karen Stiller is joined by Phil Wagler, host of the All Things Reconciled Podcast, to speak with Bible translator Harvey Satewas Gabriel and Jeff Green, vice-president of Scripture translation at the Canadian Bible Society. 

You will enjoy this warm, vulnerable and fascinating discussion that explores the power of language, the beauty of this family history of translation, and what projects like this bring to reconciliation.